Christmas is coming! Our Toadstool wish list…

We’re now into autumn and I have started to plan our third Christmas as a family of three.  O will be at that awkward age of 2 years and almost 5 months old on Christmas day this year.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to find age appropriate toys and games for him, without them being too young or with parts that are a choking hazard.  He still has his back molars to come through so he frequently puts his fingers/hands/crayons/trains in his mouth and gives a good old chew! 

So I thought I’d look at The Toadstool online toy store that stock a selection of high quality, pre-school toys, games and puzzles and pick out some wonderful toys that we would love to put under our Christmas tree for O this year.

If you have read our review of Brio, you’ll know that O loves trains.  We have quite a collection of wooden trains and track pieces, but there’s always room for more!  I’ve found the Janod giant farm train set and play world which would be a perfect addition to our wooden trains family.  With 23 accessories, as well as trains and pieces of track, it will help to encourage O’s imagination to grow and build on his creative play and story telling skills. 

The Haba “At the Zoo” large wooden playset looks amazing!!  The 23 piece set is made of beech wood, with the box-come-zoo building to play with also, which tells me that it’s a really good quality and durable product.  O is naturally academic, being able to identify letters, numbers, count to 20 and recite the alphabet both properly and phonetically; however, he rarely displays a creative side to his personality.  I feel that toys such as these would help to bring out his imagination and let it flourish, creating stories between the animals and the zookeeper.

 A and I are both singers, whilst I can also play the piano and the oboe to an extent…  O has also shown an interest in singing and playing music from a young age, even when tiny he would wriggle about, dancing to any music we had playing!  I’ve found a wonderful stocking filler in the Haba magical sound flute which I think would be a great starting point; it would also help to improve his hand-eye coordination.

O is obsessed with ‘helping’ to prepare and cook breakfast, lunch and dinners and bake cakes and biscuits with A and I.  I think the Janod maxi cooker/kitchen in the unisex colour of brown would be Oliver’s ‘big’ present this christmas.  Just add some play food, such as Haba half dozen eggs and Haba mushrooms to make an omelette for lunch with some Haba pears for pudding!  The play is endless with a toy kitchen, therefore helping to develop O’s learning and creative play.

Many of the products I have listed in this wish list are described as being suitable for ages 3 years and over.  O is quite a mature toddler, however would be closely supervised at all times with these toys.

Disclosure: The Toadstool have asked for bloggers to submit their Christmas wish list  with the chance to win up to £300 of toys for under the Christmas tree and become one of the first five selected Toy Toad Testers for 2014.

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