Hello, hello. How are you?

Hello, hello.
It’s nice to see you.

But seriously, thanks for visiting our blog.

I am writing this first post, however my husband, A, will also pen posts for the blog occasionally.

We’re the parents of our beautiful 2 year old son, O.  He is the light of our lives.  Who knew you could love someone or something so much?!

We have decided to start a blog to document important parts in our and our sons lives, but also to discuss heartfelt or controversial parenting topics.

Bet you were singing the Mr Tumble theme tune at the start of this blog though, weren’t you…?  admit it!!!

12 thoughts on “Hello, hello. How are you?

  1. Good luck with the blog – it becomes very addictive once you get started, be warned you will never have any free time again! I look forward to reading your posts 😀

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