I’m Bored…

i’m bored…

i’m borrrrrreddddddd…
anyone else remember repeatedly saying/shouting/whining this at their parents when they were young? i certainly do!!
although, now i am a mum of a 2 year old who is full of energy and wife of A. 
but who would’ve thought it would be A, not O, that regularly hounds me with restless statements expressing his boredom?!  who would’ve thought it?!

but i thought i’d start off a list of things that we can do to entertain the husband as well as the kids…

here we go;

  1. Brio.  my boy is obsessed with brio trains, as you can read in my first guest post here, at The Toadstool.  breaking out the boxes of Brio and setting the husband a task of building the longest/smallest/most complicated track yet.  this has never failed me, albeit doesn’t last more than a couple of hours.
  2. Soft Play.  O does love running around, burning all the energy he has built up in his tiny toddler body.  A loves the hustle and bustle of the soft play centre at its busiest.  I know, I have no idea what is wrong with him either.  
  3. Duplo.  this is one of those things that A requested for himself O’s first birthday.  the collection has grown since, and therefore we now have the challenge of who can build the biggest tower.  
  4. Library.  our local library is in the centre of town, but has an amazing children’s section.  we often bring O down to the library to sit and read books, but he can colour in pictures at the tables, play with the basket of toys (some of which are noisy!! Sssshhhh!), experience the story sacks with different themes that change monthly, and attempt to access the internet on the available computers!  
  5. Nature trail.  we are lucky to live in a beautiful part of the United Kingdom.  we are a short drive from areas that people fly thousands of miles to see.  we don’t yet take advantage of this as much as we will when O is a little older, but the sights are amazing.  even going for a short walk off the paved footpaths in the local park brings a sense of adventure to the occasion.  O loves to point out things he knows, like the sky, trees, sticks and birds.  A will drag his heels behind us as we start to head uphill, but will be the first to find an appropriate stick to play “pooh sticks”!
what are your favourite activities to keep the boredom at bay?

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