Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

our O is only a tot.  2 years old to be exact.

but after finding the website, i’m wondering how we can teach him about money in the next few years.  
although it shouldn’t be, money is so important in modern day life.  there are things you can do for free, obviously, but they are limited.  a more-than-basic standard of living costs money.  
both before we met and whilst me and hubby have been a family, we’ve never had to rely on the state.  this is something i’m incredibly proud of, that we have worked and saved our money to buy our own house and live our lives in our way.  this is something i really hope O will take on board as he grows older.
i think the most important lesson you can teach a child is that;
“money doesn’t grow on trees”
literally. it would be insane for money to be readily available and ‘for free’. though if we consider that those who would work hardest to pick the most amount of leaves from the money tree, would be the richest in the land. 
as we all know, life isn’t easy.  but we work really hard for our money.  thankfully, i have a job where my job satisfaction is pretty high so earning money has actually become enjoyable! i hope that we can teach O to use his skills to his advantage and find a job that he is happy in. after all, money only makes life more comfortable, it doesn’t ensure your happiness.
patience is a virtue.  i also think it’s important to teach O that he won’t be able to buy what he wants immediately.  this is where saving his pennies and using initiative to earn money will help him to achieve a goal.  this recession that our economy is currently facing has been mainly created by our citizens and government spending borrowed money.  we’ve all been there and done it, but i’ll be preaching to my kiddiewinks that this is not the way to go!
often, members of our family give O £1 or £2 to “buy some sweeties”. instead, we bring it home and he puts it into his money box. he is very young and has no real concept of money yet, but I’m hoping that by the time his money box is full and we break it open, he will be at a more appropriate age to understand. i will start showing him i save money on my bills through Simply Switch when he is old enough.
finally, the best things in life are free.  if oliver can learn to appreciate the small things, he will be the richest man in the world.  happiness is worth more than any currency, ever to exist.
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