Off with his head!!

**warning – this post contains scenes of a distressing nature.  if you are easily offended or upset, please close your browser now**

this normal Monday, I put O down for his after lunch nap at 12pm.

12:15 came and he was still not sleeping… this is unlike O, but we’ll go with it and give him some more time…  12:20… still chattering…  12:25… still babbling… 12:30… still going.  i couldn’t concentrate on what i was trying to do so off up the stairs i went…

i opened his bedroom door to be greeted by him thrusting the headless body of his bear, blue ted, at me saying “mummy! help ted!”  he then decided that this moment was a good time to lob the bears head at mine…  however, there was a distinct sound of concern in the littlies voice as he asked if Ted was going to get better.

you see, blue ted is a family heirloom.  well, almost.  blue ted belonged to my brother, who is now 22 years old.  O has had him since he was a baby and has always had him in the cot as a comfort…

so of course, mummy said “don’t worry, O.  mummy will fix ted” and passed him another teddy to go to sleep with…

so now, i have this to fix…  god help me!

Blue Ted needs a good bath…  better make sure i perform his
surgery well or he’ll never survive the washing machine!


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