Too Old for Sleep?

O is 2 years old and naps for 2 hours each day.  he wakes on his own and is in a brilliant mood when he’s done napping.  he shouts over the monitor for me to get him from his cot and we spend the afternoon giggling and playing.  another bonus is that i get two hours in the day to myself to do chores, work, blog or just watch telly.

i was flabbergasted when someone said to me yesterday that O is getting to an age where we should be cutting his naps out completely.  

completely?  completely!?!? 

i hope O continues to nap for as long as possible!!  even if he drops to an hour each day.  there is a hugely noticeable difference in his behaviour when he doesn’t nap, if he is woken up before he is ready, or he has a poor quality nap.

we are very ‘lucky’ that O knows that after lunch, it’s time to go to bed and he walks up the stairs and lays in his cot and goes to sleep with no fight.  believe me, it took a lot of hard work to get to this point!  but i am pleased that he accepts that this is how sleep-time should be.  

if O doesn’t get that afternoon nap because of time spent at nursery, he is a demon come 5pm.  so when we pick him up and the time we spend with him before bedtime is hellish.  it is actually horrible.  i hate those times.

however, i did read on the BBC news website here, that for children aged 3-5 years old benefit greatly from an hour long nap during the day.  following a nap, the children remembered 10% more information than they did if they had no mid-day sleep.  

i know children are all different and that some need more sleep than others, but i truly believe that instilling good sleeping habits from a young age makes your life so much easier when it comes to napping and bed times.

what age did your children cut out their naps?  or did you cut them out for them?  i’d love to hear your views on nap time!

6 thoughts on “Too Old for Sleep?

  1. LP is about the same age as your O and now only has a nap once a week, twice if we’re lucky. Like you, I love nap time, two hours to get things done or just have a break and relax. It’s also the same for us that the 5 or 6 days a week she doesn’t nap she’s a complete horror for dinner and bath time. Long live naps!

  2. My youngest son is almost 2 and a half, he himself cut his naps out over a year ago. Now If he wants a nap he has one but theres no forcing him. He sleeps from 7 til 7 which Is good enough for me. I have a few friends who still insist on naps for theirs, but youre right It depends on the child.

  3. 25month old C gets up around 8am, nap approx 2-3 hours between 1-4pm and goes to bed (shame on us) between 8-10pm. Daddy only comes home at 7pm and we have family dinners and then he takes over. But that is how we need to do it, otherwise I could not manage being SAHM and do

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