Wednesday Words

Great British Bake Off
we love you so
with your buns and your cakes
and your well-proven dough

Sir Paul of Hollywood

with your goatee, two tone
the king of all bakers
worthy of your throne

Lady M. Berry

we wish you were our gran
we’d never go hungry
indulging your frangipane

Then we come to our jesters

young Sue and Mel
our favourite odd couple
whom in love we have fell

So our contestants arrive

to the marquee for their test
a bakers dozen of people
we will find who is best

so we are treated to a mix 

Of cake, choux and muffin
who will be star baker?
who will leave with nothing?

beware soggy bottom!

big up your show stopper!
make sure your ingredients
weren’t from Happy Shopper.

we move onto bread week,

with an eight legged plait
we have various disasters
involving crème pat.

our favourite programme,

the best BBC show,
the kitsch, doilies and bunting,
it has to be GBBO.

if you haven’t already gathered, this weeks Wednesday Words is inspired by the GBBO.

Crazy With Twins
Wednesday Words

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