DGJ Organics Kids Top to Toe Conditioning Shampoo and Body Wash Review

The DGJ Organics range of organic haircare products were originally developed by a celebrity hairdresser Daniel Galvin Junior (hence the DGJ…) 10 years ago, when there were no other organic hair products on the market.

DGJ Organics have a special kids range in which we were asked to review the Kids Top to Toe 3-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo and Body Wash, in Orange and Grapefruit ‘flavours’.  That might sound odd, Orange plus Grapefruit.  Not exactly two scents that would go together in one product.  But, no – it’s not just one product.  You see, it’s like two 250ml bottles attached at the bottom. One end is Orange ‘flavoured’; turn it upside down and the other end is Grapefruit ‘flavoured’!  It really is ingenious…  
Image courtesy of DGJ Organics website
When the product arrived, I opened both ends (one end at a time, as we didn’t want to waste any…) and gave them a really good sniff.  Lets face it, it just isn’t normal to get a new bottle of never-used-before bubbly stuff for bath time and NOT give it a reet good smell…  Hands up if you’ve never done it!?  Shame on you…
Anyways, the Orange ‘flavour’ smells best in my honest opinion, but I’m not a great fan of Grapefruit.  But it’s still nice 🙂
Fast forward to bath time…  O gets into the bath and plays with his toys.  Queue tub full of water over his hair.  I was pleasantly surprised at how little of the product you required to get a good lather of bubbles going on his hair.  Part of me expected that I’d need quite an amount due to it’s organic formula, but I was wrong!  There’s a first time for everything, folks! 😉
To get a good wash of O’s body with a sponge, we needed even less of the product to make a good lather.  I’m really quite impressed.  The product leaves O smelling scrumptious whichever of the two citrus ‘flavours’ we used.  We dry his hair with the hairdryer and it’s left feeling so soft and clean 🙂
We’ve now used it every night for just over a week.  I’m really quite impressed with it, and at a reasonable price of £3.99 a bottle I think we’ll be buying some more. 
disclaimer : we were kindly sent this product by DGJ Organics for free in exchange for a review on the mental parentals blog, however all comments are our own.

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