It’s my Hen Party and I’ll Spa if I Want To!

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if you’re looking for something a little less crazy, a little less alcohol-fuelled and a little less fast paced; maybe a spa day hen party is for you.  it is a perfect way to have a good crack with your girlfriends, relax and be pampered in the stressful run up to the wedding.

a spa day hen party is best suited to a group of up to 10 or 12 people.  i think if you have a group bigger than this, it can get a bit loud and you spend all day catching up with everyone rather than spending some time chilling out. My husband wanted to do something with StagMadness for his stag do, but for my hen, I want to do something more relaxing.

if you still think you’d like a spa day hen party, or you’d like to organise one as part of your chief bridesmaid duties, read on 🙂  august 2012 saw me have a spa day hen party followed by a night out on the tiles and september 2013 saw me organise  a spa day hen party for my mum.

so where should i start…


give yourself plenty of time to organise the hen party, especially if you want to hold your party on the weekend.  spa’s have a limited number of places available for spa day packages and treatments, so to make sure your whole party can be accommodated, book early.  we found no problems booking 4 months in advance, although full payment was required at the time of booking so it stops those people that say they’ll turn up, then drop out leaving you to foot their bill, from doing so.

Talk to the bride

at the end of the day, it’s the bride’s party and you should have an idea of what sort of atmosphere she wants to have.  for example, when i planned mum’s spa day – i knew she wouldn’t want any massive fuss made, but still planned some activities for the day as well as extra special treats and surprises for her.

Find your spa

firstly, find out where your bride would like to go; whether she would like to stay overnight at a spa in the countryside, or travel to and from the spa in the same day.  there are lots of beautiful spa hotels and leisure centres that offer spa day packages as standard these days.  packages may include a treatment(s), a glass of bubbly and a two course lunch, with full use of the spa facilities such as swimming pool, sauna, gym, etc.  a bath robe, towel and slippers are usually provided too.


if you decide to travel to and from the spa on the same day, think about hiring a minibus or taxis dependant on how close it is.  this september, we hired an 8 seater minibus to take us on an hours journey each way and it only cost £140 between the 8 of us – which works out as £17.50 each, a reasonable charge i would say.
if you decide to stay overnight, maybe clubbing together into a few cars and chipping in for petrol money is the way forward.  or trains if there’s public transport links nearby.


spa day packages can range in price from £20 to £200 per person, dependant on the package.  packages can be tailored to budgets, so don’t be afraid to ask.  everyone is aware that these days, money is tight and some may not be able to afford as much as others.  the beauty of a spa day, is that hens can tailor their package to suit their pocket.  if they’re really skint, they could opt for no treatments which would drop their outlay dramatically.


the activities that you choose to hold really depend on how well your other guests know each other. on both my and my mum’s hen parties, very few of our guests really knew each other. so we all introduced ourselves, telling the group how we came to know the bride.  on a spa day, hens will have their treatments throughout the day, leaving only really lunchtime as a time spent all together.  as lunchtime should be for eating, i had prepared a “how well do you know they bride?” questionnaire which was filled in on arrival at the spa and the answers were given by the bride at the dinner table.  reading out the answers that everyone had written down was hilarious!  a box of chocolates was awarded to the hen that answered the most questions correctly.


there’s nothing quite like the look of surprise on a bride’s face! so speak to the manager at the spa.  maybe they can provide an extra treatment to the hen, free of charge.  your hen party could be greeted on arrival with a glass of bubbly.  you could arrange for balloons and other table decorations to be set up on the dinner table.  i even made a dozen cupcakes with specially made heart decorations! the only real opportunity for photos is at the dinner table too. so make sure you get those all important memories on film!

i really enjoyed the spa day hen party on both occasions! feet up, feeling relaxed and being pampered with dinner being made for you really is wonderful.  especially when you have kids!

what did you do for your hen party?  have you ever been on a spa day?

3 thoughts on “It’s my Hen Party and I’ll Spa if I Want To!

  1. I love this post. This is such a great idea for a hen party. I’m not getting married for a while yet but I’ve been thinking about what to do. Your idea of filling in the questionnaire was brilliant. It all sounded great fun 🙂

  2. Having a great hen party is always a dream of every girl because these are final bachelor she would be having before her marriage, but every girl has different taste some wants to enjoy the night in peace and some wants happening night. It’s important to know the bride’s choice what she wants. There are many and hotels and resorts where both hen parties and spa breaks can be enjoyed like in Revas Spa- hen parties.

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