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We are particularly passionate about O’s learning and development.  we regularly buy new books and sit and read together at least twice a day.  we find that those few minutes spent with O sat on our knee, or snuggled up next to us on the sofa or in bed, are some of the most enjoyable times as parents to a toddler.  O soaks up so much information from the books we read to him!  it really is quite amazing…

we were recently sent a selection of books by the kind souls at Meadow Kids.  a lovely set of four early learning books and a hand puppet book called “Little Dinosaur learns to ROAR!”.

4 Early Learning books set and Dinosaur Hand Puppet book

O was a little nervous of the dinosaur hand puppet at first, and it took a couple of days for him to get used to it! I was surprised at this as he really is obsessed with dinosaurs at the moment (thanks to George Pig), but he soon came round 🙂

the hand puppet itself is made of different colours and types of fabrics providing extra sensory elements to the book.  it is really well sewn together too!  i was really pleased when O decided to have a go at moving Danny the Dinosaur’s mouth to make him roar!

the story surrounds a dinosaur building his confidence with encouragement from his mother and friends; very apt considering that is all parents seem to do with children, ever!  the story is really well illustrated with bold colours and characters and the thick card pages are excellent for children of O’s age.  he does have a tendency to be a bit heavy handed with things at the moment!

O loves the set of four Early Learning books, particularly the “Numbers’ one.  he has been able to count to 10 since he was around 15 months old, so it’s not really a surprise he loves this book.  it does throw him a little, as it counts to 12 and not just 10 like most other books!  he loves to count the number of objects on the page, whether they’re pencils, fish or strawberries.

the other three books included in the set are “Alphabet”, “Colours” and “Opposites”.  similar to the hand puppet book, they are all really well illustrated in bright colours and help to develop key skills including communication and imagination.  all the books are really durable with thick card pages that are easily turned.  its unfortunate that the box that the set of four came in wasn’t made of quite as tough stuff as after a few days it has become worn by the hand of an energetic two year old!

all in all, i am extremely impressed with these books!

 disclaimer : we were kindly sent these books by Meadow Kids to review for free, however all opinions are our own.

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