Meal Planning Monday (28th October)

This is our second attempt at meal planning Monday, with probably a few of the same meals! Saturday night last week turned into a takeaway night as I was at a friends birthday party and yesterday’s Sausage & mash was replaced with a traditional Sunday roast chicken dinner. So we’ve kept the gammon & the sausages and will use those this week.

This week we’ll be eating…:
Monday: Pork chops with mash & veg
Tuesday: Homemade beef casserole
Wednesday: Spaghetti Bolognase
Thursday: Gammon, baked potato & veg
Friday: Steak, baked potato & veg
Saturday: Salmon, baked potato & veg
Sunday: sausages & mash/toad in the hole with veg.
Hopefully we’ll be able to stick to this week better!! I’ve made a huge batch of carrot & coriander soup for lunches this week where we don’t have leftovers. 
If you’re after breakfast ideas, we tend to choose between toast, scrambled eggs, weetabix, porridge or fruit with fat free yogurt.

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