News About Your Ticket!

A and I, like many other adults, play the lottery every week.  we have an online account where we have the same numbers play each wednesday and saturday in the hope of winning something big.

last week, we received an email from the national lottery with the subject “News about your ticket!”… well, we got a bit excited!  butterflies, lump in my throat, the works!  but it’s always disappointing to read “Congratulations! You have won £10!” when you really thought it was going to be that all important line of numbers that had won you the jackpot of £2.6million.

the average jackpot win on the national lottery is £2,053,984.

i’m surprised at how low that is!!  i really don’t see how a family could stop working completely after winning this amount of money…  it really wouldn’t last, unless you were frugal with it.

if we were to win a jackpot of £2.053,984, we’d spend it on:

  • paying off our mortgage. yes, it is sensible. yes, it is boring. but as “mortgage” is translated from french, literally meaning “death grip”, i think we’ll get shot of that!
  • replacing the clapped-out banger of a second car with something newer. like a volkswagen or toyota… nothing too fancy 🙂
  • putting money aside for O. 
  • invest in a local business that produces quality products
  • living comfortably and holidaying regularly, whilst still working for our livelihood
finally, we wouldn’t tell anyone. obviously other than those people that we’d help out. there was a local 16 year old girl won the lottery in our town a few years ago.  it made national news because of her age and she has continued to make headlines in the local news since.  she was so young and part of the ‘wrong’ crowd, which meant she got addicted to drink, drugs and had two children by her scrounging new boyfriend. then the money ran out. she had no job, nothing to her name and had become a single mother with ‘baggage’.  i really feel for her, especially when some scumbags threw paint all over the windows of her rented house.  maybe the age at which you can buy a ticket should be put up to 18? i don’t think that would help much either!
how would you spend a jackpot win?

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