Our Dream Family Garden

August 2011 saw us move into what would become our first family home.  We bought the property from a retired couple who had let the house and garden deteriorate as their health became poor.  At this point, the garden to the rear of our humble three bedroom end link house was a glorified litter tray for the neighbourhood cats.  As you can imagine, with a newborn baby due on our moving in date, it was high on our list of priorities to makeover the garden to make it safe for O to play in.

so A made a start…

The gravel that was down was shovelled into sacks; the clay-soil turned over and gravel dug in to the soil to improve drainage; we had a large delivery of top soil delivered which needed sieved through to remove any stones and spread it equally over the entire length of the garden…


Grass seed was laid; it started to sprout (a very proud moment!); it took a few months to get to any real thickness; and we replaced the side fencing as it was rotting away and becoming unsafe.  we have since painted it green to match the rear fence.

The area behind the outhouse that was once over a pit of bramble bushes and shrubbery has now been renovated into a bin park by re-using paving flags from the garden and decorative rocks found amongst the shrubbery, and laid concrete between that and the fence.

Awesome.  We now have a safe area for O to play.  But we have no toys.

We have spent some time looking into options that would fit into our garden, as it’s not all that big.  We couldn’t help but fall in love with the AXI Robin Playhouse (£450).  it’s not huge, but it’s big enough to incorporate O’s favourite piece of play equipment at the park; a slide.  its quirky design is really attractive and it would cleverly house a Step2 Easel for Two (£39.99) for play time.

We also found this wonderful 3-in-1 product; water table & sand pit in one neat little picnic table (£84.99).  Ideal for garden’s like ours with little space, but also provides a place to store a sand pit!  Very impressed with this innovation!

We recently bought some planters to hang on the fence where we could plant and grow our own herbs. They haven’t been taken out the packaging yet so we would spend around £30-£40 on compost and herbs.  O would help to take care of them, watch them grow and help to use them in our cooking.  We would then spend the last £135 on a set of two chairs and a small table for us.

Well, someone’s gotta supervise the kids in the garden, right? 😉

Disclosure: This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition.

2 thoughts on “Our Dream Family Garden

    1. Thanks for reading! Dave has done a lot of work in the garden, it seemed never ending but so glad it’s done. He’s very proud of it. Oliver would love some toys, I’m sure! x

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