Shredtober, week one…

Day one – Tuesday 01/09/13 

Naptime.  Using unopened bottles of Ribena as dumbbells and after downing two cocodamol to numb the pain of a dodgy tooth, I knuckled down to my first day of Level 1 of ‘the Shred’.  I can’t do the full amount of easy push ups and God help me with the bicycle crunches!!  By the time I’ve finished the half hour session, i’m a red-faced, sweaty mess with a sore face and aching muscles.  Roll on bath time.  And then O wakes up 🙁  so no bath, but a quick shower and afternoon snuggles.

Day two – Wednesday 02/09/13

Wake up at 6:30am.  Lay in bed hoping I can fall back to sleep when I know I should just get up and do the bloody shred.  Get up.  Ache all over.  OMG I ache all over.  My faceache is still unbelievable so pop another two cocodamol thinking of the impending doom of the shred but knowing i’ll be at the dentists in only a few more hours…

The Shred went well, bicycle crunches were a little easier, but still didn’t manage the full lot.  The cop-out style push ups were harder this morning as my chest and arm muscles failed me.  But i pushed on, knowing that tomorrow is only going to hurt more…

Day three – Thursday 03/09/13

Last night, I optimistically set my alarm for 6:10am thinking “I’ll get up earlier than the boys & do the shred, then shower for work”. This didn’t happen. Instead, insomnia kept me awake from 3:30am until approx. 5:30am. Cue 6:10am alarm. NOOOOO. I’m not in any state to wake up so continue to snooze my alarm until 7:15am where I’ve left no time to shred before work. 
Fast forward a day at work. O hasn’t napped today *pulls hair out* so whilst A sorts him out ready for bed, I tackle day 3 of the shred.
My body is handling it well. The push ups are sore but not as bad as I expected and the jumping jacks/jump rope are not as laboured. I managed to complete the full workout from beginning to end! Apart from swapping those last few bicycle crunches for normal crunches… Stupid bicycle crunches. 

Day four – Friday 04/10/13
Alarm set for 6:10am. Get up 6:20am and start the shred. Get halfway through and start to struggle as feeling faint. I hadn’t eaten any breakfast yet and only drank a little so put it down to that. I don’t put as much effort in or finish the exercises properly through fear of passing out. I go to work as normal and still feel a bit off colour. Come 6pm, I have a fever and am exhausted. I sleep from 8pm-2am and it’s 6:20am on Saturday as I update this post. I’ve been awake over 4 hours. 

Day five – Saturday 05/10/13

It’s 6:20am and I’ve been awake for what feels like an eternity. I’m hot but cold, nauseous and feeling generally unwell. If today carries on in this way, day five will be postponed.

12:10pm : i went out for my appointment at 9am and afterwards managed to buy O some shoes.  during this insanely difficult task, i started to feel dizzy again.  we made it back to the car with me gripping the pushchair for support.  A drove us home and i climbed into bed.  and there i remained for the rest of the day.  feverish, aching, weak and nauseous, with a sore throat and developing chest pain.

Day six – Sunday 06/10/13

after a mammoth sleep, i still feel no better.  i had a major breakdown aimed at poor A this morning, so he took O out for the day visiting family and buying the last things we need for next weekend.  i remained in bed, drinking fluids, resting and alternating paracetamol and ibuprofen.  5pm came and i was showing no signs of recovery and breathing felt like such a chore.  i decided to ring the out of hours doctor and make an appointment at our local on call centre.  appointment at 7pm, which ended up being over half an hour later because EVERYBODY decides to visit the out of hours doctor on a sunday evening apparently.  it ended in the lovely lady doctor telling me i had a mutation of a particular virus which is usually caught in childhood and is quite nasty.  she ordered lots of rest, alternating paracetamol and ibuprofen, plenty of fluids, strepsils and high calorie foods.

HIGH CALORIE FOODS?!  This doctor seriously just gave me an instruction to eat junk food?!  to be fair, i feel so sick and have no such an appetite.  but to be able to have a donut instead of an apple is pretty cool. especially as the doctor said that’s the way to do it…

Day seven – Monday 07/10/13

early night last night but awake at 5:30am.  still not in any fit state to shred.  i am in the frame of mind that i need to be fit and well for my mum’s wedding on saturday, as I’m the chief bridesmaid/maid of honour and if my throat will allow me, i’ll be singing during the ceremony.  i really must concentrate on my mum’s big day, and will catch up on shredtober when i feel 100% better.  doctor hinted that i probably only caught this virus so badly because i was run down (see day 1 re: toothache, plus stresses leading up to wedding on top of everyday life, plus exchanging contracts on new house, etc) ARGH!

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