The Canary Song : Wednesday Words

this weeks wednesday words is taken from the show in which A and I met whilst rehearsing. it is also the song that we sang to O when he was first born, laying on my chest in the delivery room.  also, part of the lyrics were iced onto our wedding cake.

the canary song – from ‘Spend, Spend, Spend’

it happened once upon a time,
the story of a small canary,
a Yorkshire fancy all alone in a shop
who never thought that he were out but ordinary.

one day a miner comes and says,
“hey, little bird, i’ll be your master,
i’ll take you down below where it’s dark
and you will sing there as a warning of disaster.”

hear the canary sing his song
and hear the happy news he’s bringing,
for while he sings there’s nothing wrong
and me and you can go on living.

for many years he carried on,
for many long years like a miner;
and everybody down the pit, they would see him
and agree that there were no canary finer.

you gotta feed him on green food and seed mix,
or soft food when they’re still chicks.
i’m gonna buy him a tall cage cos he might
need wing room to stand upright.

cos singing alone ain’t much of a fate,
and me, i’m like him, i want my mate…

Wednesday Words

2 thoughts on “The Canary Song : Wednesday Words

  1. I had never heard this before. I really like it! Which bit did you have on your wedding cake?

    Thanks for joining in with #WednesdayWords

    1. It’s a wonderful song from the musical. We had “It happened once upon a time…” written on our cake. we thought adding the part in about a canary might make people think we were going crackers… lol x

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