The Padded Room

so here we are. in the soft cell. the padded room. a real life version of snakes and ladders. a massive game of mousetrap. save the parents. we are at…

soft play.
all the kids blend into one big mad blur of a dash, running between slides, climbing frames, mums & tables. I sit here nursing a tepid cuppa with a rich tea biscuit. I think they only provide non-dunkable biscuits just to wind us parents up even more. what’s more, I’m trying to fend off balls from the pit, as they’re doing a better job at dunking themselves in my brew than my rich tea.
a sweaty and red faced child appears asking for a biscuit and some juice. then A asks if there’s one for O too. 
in all seriousness, one of our many local soft play centres is really quite good. this one also acts as a local youth centre on an evening and the cafe sells awesome food, attracting visitors and locals alike. it does mean that all you can smell is the deep fat fryer. but this is infinitely more acceptable than a tinge of wee or sweaty feet as is most often found in these types of establishment.
it also gives shelter to a variety of animals, including hedgehogs, parrots, ferrets and tropical fish! 
even if a pot of tea for two does cost £3, those 90 minutes of peace from having to constantly entertain your child are worth it. they wear themselves out and are sooo ready for that elusive nap on the return home! 
do you mind taking your kids to the soft play centre? 

3 thoughts on “The Padded Room

  1. I’m not mad on them. Now James is a little bigger he can fend for himself, where as a few months ago we had to follow him round as he use to get stuck. Not great when your 8 months pregnant trying to fit though a small tunnel.

    1. Oh man! I must admit, Oliver is a little small for some of the play centres so does need our help to get around. Dave is great with it and enjoys it almost as much as Oliver does! But if we take him with his slightly older cousin, she helps him round so saves us the effort! 🙂 thanks for reading 🙂 x

  2. I always find soft play etiquette a little difficult to get right. At what point have you moved from being parent of child helping out to weirdo adult enjoying child’s soft play. It’s one to ponder…

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