Meal Planning Monday – 14th April 2014

hi all,

meal planning is something that i’ve done for some time now.  i find that it helps to save money on grocery bills and i can plan my meals around the things we have going on in the week.  i’m sure there used to be a link up for these sorts of posts?  if anyone knows where i should be going, please let me know!  thanks in advance 🙂

so, i’m on a bit of a mission to tone up and get rid of a little weight.  i joined a gym a few weeks ago and have taken a hard look at my diet!  meal planning really helps towards my goal.  a good mantra seems to be “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”…

Monday: lunch – chicken salad    dinner – steak with asparagus, mange tout and broccoli
Tuesday: lunch – ham salad         dinner – chicken saag with rice
Wednesday: lunch – leftovers      dinner – homemade burgers with sweet potato wedges and salad
Thursday: lunch – tuna salad       dinner – quorn bolognase with pasta
Friday: lunch – grilled salmon and vegetables
Saturday: lunch – ham salad        dinner – chicken saag with rice
Sunday: lunch – bacon, poached eggs and asparagus    dinner – roast dinner at A’s parents house

friday night i’ll be out on the tiles, so will catch something to eat somewhere whether it be at my mum’s or friend’s house whilst getting ready, or in wetherspoons at the start of the night!  and yes, we’re having chicken saag twice in a week… but it’s beautiful.  and we’ve got some guests coming over on saturday night that love curry!

i’d love to hear what you guys have planned for meals throughout this week.  even more so, if anyone would like to share some clean eating recipes!!

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