We’re Back!

Top of the morning to ya! *said with an Irish accent and we tip our feather caps*

So, we’ve been off the circuit for a while.  Mainly because we went through a house sale, at Christmas, then followed it all up by increasing my hours at work and generally helping O to grow up by hitting some massive developmental stages in a very short space of time!

But now, we’re feeling much more settled in our new home and I feel that it’s the right time, once again, to start sharing our tales with you.

But what’s more, we’re feeling really out of the loop!  So I’d really like my fellow blogger’s to comment with a couple of links to their more recent posts so that I can have a good read and catch up on everything that’s been happening with you lovely people over the last few months.

I look forward to reading them with a decaf brew and a homemade cupcake!

p.s. if you ask nicely, I’ll share…

the brew.

not the cupcake.  😉

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