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If you follow my Twitter account, you might have seen my rather happy tweets that we have recently welcomed a new baby girl into the family.  We have a new niece! She’s was born 4 weeks early and weighing in at a really good weight of 6lb 7oz.  We went up to the hospital to visit her and A’s sister on the day she was born and I was overwhelmed with love for this new little being that’s now part of our family.

My sister-in-law and her husband didn’t find out the sex of the baby at the 20 week scan, so I couldn’t plan the gifts for when she gave birth.  I’ve pooled together the things I really like that are currently available elsewhere than the high street – hopefully there’s nothing here that someone else will think to buy for her! I also wanted to mention that I found some great baby monitors on sites like Levana baby monitor however I didn’t want to write too much about it on here as I need to leave some ideas for other people! Here are some more ideas in case they’ve already got a baby monitor:

I absolutely LOVE these milestone cards.  I received 3 or 4 books to write the dates or O’s age when he reached various milestones and, to be quite honest, I forgot all about them.  I think this idea is excellent, as new mums never put the camera away so how could we forget to take these pictures?  It then provides a memory to look back on, with a visual aid as to how big that tiny baby was when they first smiled or stood unaided for the first time.  I’ve found these particular cards on Amazon here and are priced at £12.99.

This wooden train can be personalised to display the letters of a name, with optional flower carriages if you were a bit concerned it wasn’t “girly” enough.  We bought this for A’s Godson for his first Christmas and it sits on his unit beautifully in his little boys bedroom.  The train is compatible with wooden Brio track so can be played with too – win win situation!  The natural rubber wood that is cut by hand for each letter is just lovely.  The front and rear engines are included in the price (£5.00) and each letter is an additional £2, so the name “Louise” would cost £12.00 + £5.00 = £17.00.  I came across this wooden train on Not on the High Street here.

Inspired by Russian nesting dolls, these hand finished Guardian Angels are truly beautiful.  They can be personalised with any text you like and are suitable for new baby or Christening gifts.  The wings are overlaid with a fine netting with hologram spots which make them sparkle.  I think these are really lovely and perfect for a new baby girl being welcomed into a family.  Made by Angel Lodge Studio, available on Not on the High Street here for just £29.00.

This beautiful height chart allows parents to keep track of their little one as they grow taller and taller.  I love that the set comes with coloured card, paints and rollers to help parents take their child’s hand- and footprints.  Photographs can also be placed within the five frames. I came across this product on Amazon here and you can currently purchase it for £16.45.

Fawn and Thistle are the creators of this beautiful name print..  The prints are made up of letters from the hand-drawn animal alphabet, each letter is illustrated with animals that begin with that specific letter.  There’s a great choice of colours that the letters can be printed, including blue, pink, lavender and black and the print is set within a white mount ready to be framed.  I found this print on Not on the High Street here for just £22.

This beautiful soft white baby vest displays a new baby’s birth information within a pink, floral heart.  This item is made by Cows & Kisses among a variety of other printed baby vests.  This item is available in 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-12 months and becomes a great keepsake to keep after baby has outgrown.  This unique product can be found at Not on the High Street here for just £14.

These personalised pearl bracelets are so cute for little girls!  Available in sizes from 0-3 months to 8-12 years, althoughI don’t quite know how confident I would be for a baby of 3 months to wear something like this.  As the seller states, the bracelet should not break under normal wear but a baby should be supervised at all times when wearing any jewellery.  The bracelets are available in a variety of coloured pearls and can be personalised to include the child’s name using sterling silver lettered beads.  My 4 year old niece loves jewellery and I think this would make a lovely Christmas present for her.  I found this lovely gift on Etsy here priced at £23.49.

A beautiful keepsake for a baby boy, although there are designs available for girls too, is made by the lovely Laura at Platypus Paper Design.  The personalised design is created using a papercut machine and framed beautifully in a wooden frame.  Perfect for any nursery, this gorgeous find can be purchased for £20.00 + delivery at Folksy.

For those who can’t find an appropriate gift, or wish to gift money or vouchers instead of keepsakes, this beautiful Gift Card Holder might be more appropriate.  New parents often receive much of the same types of products, and sometimes a bit of cash towards the cost of nappies and wipes can be more appreciated than another silver money box.  This Gift Card holder is available on Etsy here at just £2.01.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading through my top gifts for a new baby.  I can’t wait to give my new niece C her gifts!

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