O’s first trip to the dentists

So many people dread visiting the dentist. But it shouldn’t be a horrible experience, there are plenty of dentists out there that want to help you, such as Dentist Fort Wayne. Still people don’t like going.  If you’ve ever seen the stage musical, Little Shop of Horrors, I’m sure you’ll agree that dentists have a bad name.  I am lucky that my dentist is extremely good at his job and is still part of the NHS, thankfully.  He has helped me to look after my teeth for the last 22 years and saved a couple from extraction during my pregnancy with O.  
I have visited the dentist a few times since O’s birth and asked when it would be an appropriate time to bring O along for his first checkup.  I was advised that as soon as they’ve got their full set of 20 teeth, it’s time to make an appointment.
I made an appointment back in November (yes, November) for August 2014.  Fast-forward 9 months and our joint appointment is at 4:30pm.  I thought it would help O to understand what a dentist does by asking him to watch “The Dentist” episode of Peppa Pig.  In this episode, it shows Peppa and George brushing their teeth in the bathroom, visiting the dentist and the dentist looking in their mouths and cleaning their teeth.  It even points out the pink mouthwash!  George takes his dinosaur and the elephant dentist does a fabulous scale and polish, making the “Dine-saw’s” teeth sparkle.
After subjecting him to the horror that is Peppa Pig, *shudders*, we went up to the bathroom to brush his teeth before setting off to the dentists for his first checkup.  We are having a little trouble getting O to brush his teeth properly at the moment and he hates us helping him, so if you have any tips I’d really appreciate them!
There we are, we were ready to go to the dentists.  O wanted to take his favourite toy like George Pig, so he picked up Buzz Lightyear and off we went.  We parked up and walked a short walk into the dentists.  I completed a new patient’s form for O whilst he played with the toys and coloured a picture in the waiting room.  The dentist was running a good half an hour late, so O quickly got bored.  He noticed that all the other patients were sat on the chairs reading magazines.  He picked one out and sat on the spare chair next to me and said he was reading his “menu”.
When we were called up to the surgery, I got into the dentists chair and O spotted a box of toys in the corner – something that I’d never noticed in there before!  He kept glancing over at me having my checkup, but didn’t pay any real attention.  Looking back, it would have been beneficial if O’s dad had been there too to keep his attention focused on the dentist.
Next it was O’s turn.  It took a little persuasion to get him into the chair – I ended up picking him up and plonking him into it!  He sat with a nervous look on his face whilst I told him how good he was and that he was being a big boy.  The dentist lifted the chair and O’s face was a picture!  He’d completely forgotten about Buzz Lightyear, but he was fine on his own in the chair. 
He allowed the dentist to put his gloved finger into his mouth and count his top and bottom teeth with no problem at all.  He opened his mouth wide when he was asked – he really did me proud!  The dentist even asked if he could put his little mirror into his mouth so that he could see his top teeth and he obliged, perfect.
The dentist was really pleased with O and asked us to arrange another appointment for 6 months time.  O was really chuffed when the dentist produced a Spiderman sticker for him!  He couldn’t wait to tell Daddy how he’d got on at the dentists.

Have you taken your little one to the dentists yet? Or are you still considering which one would be best for you? There are loads that you could pick from, such as the Carmel Mountain Ranch Dentist. It’s up to you though, when picking a dentist for yourself and your kids its a very hard decision sometimes.

4 thoughts on “O’s first trip to the dentists

  1. Well done O! Sounds like he did a fine job in his first appointment. My youngest, also an O, just had his first appointment last week, but he’s 13 months old and only has six teeth lol. He was only there to get a referral to a consultant dentist for his grade 4 lip tie so she barely touched him, just a quick peek under his top lip. O was a little freaked by the gloves but coped with it really well.

    1. Oh I’m sorry to hear that. I must admit, the gloves aren’t the nicest feeling in your mouth!! I always think they’re a bit squeaky hehe! I hope they can do something for your O? x

  2. Go O! Glad it went well. I have taken my twins but it was such a quick first visit (they were only 1) that it wasn’t anything too stressful! Although daughter cried her eyes out a bit! (Scared of strangers!). x x

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