Tell Me About Today & Emergency Services Bath Stickers – Meadow Kids review

Back in October last year, the lovely folks over at Meadow Kids sent us some lovely books for O to review.  You can read our review of “Little Dinosaur Learns to Roar” and a set of early learning books here.

Now that O has turned 3 years old, there appears to be a whole world of toys and crafts opening up to him to help develop his various skills.  He’s also at the stage where he asks a lot of questions, then uses the new information to make statements about his environment.

The “Tell Me About Today” chart allows children to learn the differences between seasons, the months of the year and the weather, amongst other things.  The bright colours attract the attention of the little ones and the magnetic chart is easily hung over a door handle or bed post to come back to every day.  O loved popping the magnets out of the sheet and sorting them into the categories – he takes after his mummy for his love of organisation!

We talked about the different days of the week and explained how he would set the weekend apart from the weekdays, as this is when he stays home with us instead of going to nursery.  He is a little young to comprehend the 12 different months of the year just yet, but the excitement in his face when he found out Christmas was coming up in December was amazing!

All Meadow Kids products come with a list of Product Benefits to help parents choose those items that will help to develop particular skills.  The “Tell Me About Today” chart concentrates on their Thinking ability, Communication skills and Physical Development.  In this online world full of technology, we are really interested in developing O’s communicative skills to ensure he builds long-lasting relationships and grows into an articulate young man.

O loves changing the magnets each day to reflect the days of the week, date and weather.  The chart comes with a variety of weather types (he relates “snowing” to the Disney film Frozen!) and there’s scope to use this interactive chart for many years to come – to December 2018 to be exact!

The “Emergency Services” Bath Stickers set is a great way to make bath time fun!  O often puts up a struggle at 6:45pm, even though I give him 15, 10 and 5 minutes notice, because he doesn’t want to miss out on any evening fun.  Fact is son, is that once you’re in bed – Mummy and Daddy crash in front of the telly with their dinner!  You’re really not missing out on anything…  But when I told O he had stickers to play with in the bath, he practically ran up the stairs!

The “Emergency Services” Bath Stickers set contains 21 pieces of UK design, including Police, Fire & Rescue and Hospital workers, vehicles and props.  The UK design is great as the kids can easily recognise the Firefighter or Nurse because they are very similar to the standard uniforms the Emergency Services staff wear here in the UK.

O has had the firefighter rescuing the kitten from the tree, the doctor and nurse bringing medicine to the patient in hospital and the paramedic helping a little boy who had been laser zapped by a rogue Buzz Lightyear!  The foam pieces float on the bath water and ‘stick’ to bathroom tiles, or even the side of the bath, when wet.

As I mentioned earlier, Meadow Kids provide information on the skills each product helps to develop.  The bath stickers help to develop their Thinking, Creative skills, Imagination, Communication skills and are made for use at bath time.

The quality of both these products is of an exceptional standard and neither are gender specific.  All Meadow Kids products are sold by distributors in the UK, which can be found here.

disclaimer : we were sent these products by Meadow Kids to review for free, however all views and opinions are honest and our own.

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