When Twitter is more suitable than Facebook…

Everyone has “that friend”.

That friend on Facebook that posts forty-eight million-zillion statuses in a day.

“My baby just smiled at me! *swoons*”
“Just had fish and chips for tea.  Yum!”
“Anyone seen the latest Inbetweeners film?”
“My toddler just pooped so I just changed the nappy.”

Facey-B is a great tool to keep in touch with friends and family that have moved away or live just around the corner.  It’s great in that sense.  You can organise nights out and birthday parties, or be invited to the latest Macmillan coffee morning or folk music festival.  I personally find great pleasure in having a good nosey through people’s photo albums of their past, having a little chuckle at how awful the fashions were 10 years ago and how cool we all think we looked congregating under the ramps at the skate park.

But there’s something to be said for posting several uninteresting and pointless statuses in a day.  These people clog up my news feed with their day to day boringness and I find myself willing them to set up a Twitter account instead.

Twitter is a wonderful place, full of delightful people, where this sort of rubbish is standard.  I rarely post on my Facebook page, as I find Twitter so much more welcoming.  Many a time I have turned to my trusty followers to ask advice on various parenting topics, such as potty training or the cot to bed transition.  These sorts of things would have fallen on deaf ears on Facebook, but nothing is too boring for Twitter.

Twitter is a place for conversation, debate and discussion.  The unity between tweeters during times of sadness, elation and telly-watching is one to behold.  When babies are born, when people are going through hard times, or there’s just a bit of banter; Twitter is where it’s at.  Through Twitter I have made some amazing friends that have entered into my Facebook world.  In my view, Twitter is a place for strangers to make contact through common interests; Facebook is a place for friends from our “real life” to nose into our activities and memories.

I love my Twitter followers, their stories, their families and their inane posts about tonight’s dinner.  I wouldn’t change Twitter for the world 🙂

6 thoughts on “When Twitter is more suitable than Facebook…

  1. I have to admit that since I started blogging I have fallen in love with Twitter – great for chatting to like-minded people, getting tips and meeting some really friendly, lovely people.

  2. This made me laugh, I have one such friend just like that, describing every last detail… I am putting the kettle on, I am going out to the shops, I am putting the washing on… haha x

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