Baby Products: What is the Biggest Waste of Money

When we initially found out we were pregnant, I had no idea what we would need to help us look after a baby.  So like every other person nowadays, I took to the internet on my search.

We bought all sorts.  A bath thermometer.  A Johnson’s toiletry set.  A stack load of nappies, cotton wool and wipes.
But our award for the Biggest Waste of Money award goes to………..
the Nappy Bin.
To be fair, the nappy bin isn’t actually that bad of an idea.  If you live in an upstairs flat or suchlike, I can see how these would be quite handy.  However, we lived in a semi-detached house and had easy access to our outside wheelie bin had we made the effort.  Instead, we decided to buy and utilise a nappy bin similar to the one pictured above.  
I’m not sure it’s really worth the cost of the bin when the nappies are so easily taken to the outside bin.  Chances are, we’re going to make a brew or a snack anyway so why not just chuck the nappy into the bin?  Yes, it might be raining.  Yes, you’re only wearing your nightie.  And it’s mid-afternoon.  But is it really worth paying for a bin especially to store your little ones poopy nappies in?!  
I’d also like to point out that the bin smells.  No matter what the cassettes of nappy wrap say, that they’re fragranced and filled with odour neutralisers, it’s all bull.  The bin still smells and needs to be emptied frequently. 
The cassette refills of nappy wrap cost a small fortune too.  
This was definitely the biggest waste of money that we spent on a product for O as a baby.   I’d love to hear what you think is the biggest waste of money?  
Thanks again to Blooming Boo for the Moaning Mummy Monday linkup 🙂
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5 thoughts on “Baby Products: What is the Biggest Waste of Money

  1. Haha fab post. There certainly are mixed feelings about Nappy bins. We have one and it does still stink but given that our bins are at the end of the lane and the bin man won’t come down to our house, it does get used. it certainly doesn’t do what it says it should though. Thanks for linking 🙂

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