Happy Birthday mentalparentals

It seems pretty crazy that today is one full year after our first post here at mentalparentals.

We have had a really busy year; moving house, increasing hours at work, promotions and the like.  But now I’ve found my feet and have settled in our new village, I’m happy to keep blogging away here in my little piece of the internet.  
I would like to think that my posts are enjoyed by someone out there, anywhere?  But if not, I have enjoyed writing them.  I feel that my writing has progressed in such a way that I can express myself through words much better than I could before.  
I have this problem where I can’t express myself in spoken words all that well, but by the time I’ve typed the last word here on my little blog, I know exactly how to complete my sentence.  
O is now 3 years old and there are many exciting times ahead.  I’m looking forward to sharing them with you and hoping you’re happy to continue reading!

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