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We’re always looking for things that will help make our lives that little bit easier.  We love to take O out for the day with a picnic or out for a long walk in the woods.  O drinks a lot of juice at home and often becomes thirsty on our adventures, so looking for an appropriate drink to take with us is  important.  There’s nothing worse than having a thirsty 3 year old!

The lovely folks over at Panda Drinks (@panda_drinks) have sent us a selection of drinks for O to try out for these sorts of occasions.  These delicious products contain only natural fruit colours and flavours, along with no added sugar – a pretty sure-fast way to please parents that care about their children’s health and what they feed them.

The drinks come in mini bottles holding 250ml of juice; some flavoured water and some mixed fruit juice.  They also come with a handy sports style lid, which O took some getting used to but soon figured it out!  This is a great feature – you don’t lose the cap as it’s attached at all times and children can save some for later on if they just need to wet their palette.

The flavours we have tried are Blackcurrant juice, Raspberry juice, Blackcurrant flavoured water and Orange and Pineapple flavoured water.  O is a fan of all four flavours – I had a little try too, and they’re all yummy!  I think this new range of soft drinks for the kiddies is a fab, clean way to keep them hydrated and is perfect for days out and about, or sitting in at home alike.

Disclaimer:  We were sent these products for free to review on the blog, however all words and opinions are our own.

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