Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Donna from What the Redhead Said is a great friend and has kindly nominated me for a Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award!  Thanks D!  She has put together some questions for me to answer, so here goes…

Holidays: UK or Abroad?

I love both.  But I do prefer holidays abroad.  I love the sunshine, playing with O in the pool and building sandcastles on the beach.  I love trying new foods and experiencing the different cultures that come with holidaying abroad.  I do really enjoy breaks away in this country too.  We’ve taken O to visit Cornwall and Manchester a couple of times.  Now that he’s bigger, I’d love to take him to other parts of our beautiful country too.

Tea or Coffee?

Neither.  I absolutely cannot stand coffee.  Unless it’s in the form of a chocolate from a box.  Mmm… Coffee truffles…  I used to drink tea quite a bit, but found that the milk didn’t agree with me all too well and the caffeine was disturbing my sleep.  I tend to stick to squash.  Or wine.  But the latter isn’t really acceptable in the morning…

What’s your all time favourite TV show?

This one is hard.  I love all sorts.  But I think my favourite ever TV programme has got to be Lost.  I know, I know, everyone thinks it was long and drawn out, and that the writers couldn’t decide where it was going, and that the ending was rubbish.  But I still think it was amazing.  I bought all the DVD’s as each series finished on the TV and watched them almost every night until the next series started.

If you could fix one thing in the world, what would it be?

I would rid the world of all discrimination.  It happens around us all the time.  People sharing images on Facebook is the thing at the moment that really gets my goat.  “Share this if you think British jobs should be for British people”.  Really not needed.  The world would be a much more pleasant place to live without discrimination.

If you could have a super power, would would you choose?

I’d be able to go back in time.  Just to be a fly on the wall during those really precious moments.  Like the first time O walked, talked, ate food.  The moment I was proposed to.  To watch myself perform in shows and see the passion flow from within.

If you could go back to one time in your life, when would it be?

I have thought long and hard about this.  I don’t think I can pin point one specific moment in my life.  Hence my answer to the previous question about super powers!  (I have answered the questions in turn, so didn’t realise this was actually a question until I’d answered the previous!)

What would be your perfect Christmas present?

To go away for the Christmas break with all my close family, have a huge Christmas dinner and a big celebration.  And then a spa day with the girls!!

Where did your blog name come from?

It was my husband that came up with the name “Mental Parentals”.  We were trying to think of witty names for my blog and this was by far the best option!  Mine were rubbish!!

Where do you see your blog this time next year?

Hopefully still going!  I’d like to think I could gain a few more readers, but I’m happy with what I’ve got 🙂

Tell us about your closest friend.

My closest friend is K.  She’s beautiful, inside and out, and is so nice!  Sometimes too nice, which can sometimes be her downfall.  But she is polite, well mannered and such a good laugh!  She’s also brilliant with O, as his Godmother, and loves to spend time with him, help with bath times and story reading before bed, and thinks about him all the time.  I popped into her office last week and spotted a picture he’d drawn for her 18 months ago pinned up on her noticeboard 🙂  Auntie K loves O and O loves Auntie K x

The rules for this award are…

  • Thank the Blogger who nominated you
  • Put the logo on your blog
  • Answer the 10 questions put to you by the Blogger
  • Nominate 10 Bloggers
  • Give the 10 Bloggers, 10 new questions

My nominated bloggers are:

Blooming Boo
Cupcake Mumma
Eeep I’m A Blogger
Mummy M’s Memories
Mummy Glitzer
Teen Tween Toddler
Mummy Daddy Me
Made with Love on Vista Street
Being Mum Today

And your 10 questions are:

  1. What’s your favourite Disney film?
  2. What’s your guilty pleasure on TV?
  3. Bath or Shower?
  4. What was your favourite game/toy as a child?
  5. Arts or Science?
  6. What is your favourite day of the week?
  7. Why did you start blogging?
  8. What name for the opposite sex did you have chosen when you had your baby/babies?
  9. If you could take your whole family away somewhere, where would it be and why?
  10. Do you have a “my side” of the bed?
Looking forward to reading your posts, although it’s just a bit of fun so don’t worry if you don’t take part.  Please can you tweet me or leave links to your posts on the blog so that I can have a read 🙂

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