The Illusive ‘Me’ Time as a Mother

As a mother, I find myself always busy.  Preparing uniforms and lunches for the next day, tidying away toys and picking up hubby’s socks.  Working full time, rehearsing for shows, preparing for and teaching a weekly tap class, as well as running this blog is all so time consuming, I quite frankly don’t know how I fit it all in without driving myself potty!

Every now and again, hubby goes away with work and stays away from home for a night or two at a time.  Sometimes its every other week, sometimes its only once in a couple of months.  Now, the prospect of being home along with O doesn’t bother me at all.  In fact, I actually think I can manage with O better on my own than when we’re both around on an evening, although I know not all mothers feel this way.

How do you spend your me time as a mum
Once O is tucked up asleep in bed, it’s most definitely my chance to catch up on some ‘me’ time.  I absolutely love having relaxing baths with Radox bubbles and an hour with my Kindle or on Twitter. This is a real treat as my busy lifestyle just can’t fit this sort of stuff in!  
Once out of the bath, I’ll stick some rubbish on the TV and reach for my box of nail varnishes.  Those who know me well, know that I look after my nails.  I go to the salon once every 5 weeks for acrylic in-fills and keep them quite long and almond shaped.  I’m rather a fan of OPI, Nails Inc and Essie! 
I always feel loads more relaxed and chilled out after a long soak in the bath followed by a manicure and pedicure.  Coupled with a glass of wine, some trashy TV and a bar of chocolate – it’s made my night!  I also try and get to bed before 10pm if possible so that I’m fresh in the morning to get up with O and sorted on my own.  And what’s better than a King size bed all to yourself?!
How do you treat yourself in your precious ‘me’ time?

2 thoughts on “The Illusive ‘Me’ Time as a Mother

  1. This was quite an apt post for this weekend lovely – I’m sure you know what I mean. Our lives are just so busy. I juggle work, the blog, housework and running with all the other bits and pieces. My me time is having a bath after my runs! I can’t remember the last time I did my nails – my perfect evening would be me and you in our PJs, a bottle of wine, a trashy movie and you can do my nails! hehe x

    1. I do. I often feel I’m treading water and not making any headway with anything. I would love to have an awesome night with you like that! Although I’d have to pick the movie 😉 x

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