What I miss from my life before Children

Thanks again to Blooming Boo (@bloomingboo) for the Moaning Mummy Monday linkup.  The last couple of posts have been really fun to write and like most Brits, I love having a good moan!  If you’re interested in reading my last couple of moaning posts, they’re What I Wish I’d Known Before Having a Baby and Baby Products: The Biggest Waste of Money.

This week, we’re writing about the things we miss from before we had a baby…

I miss my pelvic floor.

Yep.  I just said that.

Before and during my first pregnancy, I enjoyed the ability to laugh and guffaw hard at things, sneeze and cough without the fear of letting a little bit of pee out.  I must admit, three years on, things are a lot better now after A LOT of hard work to build this muscle back to how it was. But following first pregnancy, a woman may want to consider buying shares in pantyliners.

I miss my flat(ish) abs.

Prior to pregnancy, I did a lot of dancing.  Teaching tap and choreographing local musicals.  I also used to swim quite a bit.  Even though I didn’t think it at the time, I had quite a good figure.  My abs were reasonably flat and my body was toned to an extent.  Post-baby, I’m left with a jelly belly and a section of over-stretched skin between my bellybutton and pelvis.  It’s not as attractive as my pre-baby stomach and I wish I had the time and motivation to try to get it back…

I miss my straight hair.

I have ridiculously curly hair.  Until O was 13 months old, I used to straighten it every day of my life.  Now, I’m lucky if I get to apply mousse in to my hair without being harassed to feed my ravenous youngster!  I actually feel that I suit the curls more so now, but part of me wishes I had the time to get the GHD’s out every morning like I used to!

I miss spontaneous evening activities.

Before the arrival of O, A and I would go out for meals at local restaurants, go for weekends away, go to the cinema or the theatre, all the time.  We would often decide on an afternoon, or sometimes 20 minutes before getting into the car, that we couldn’t be bothered cooking tonight and would venture out to find somewhere new to try.  After the birth of a child, there’s no spontaneous nights out as a couple.  If you and hubby want to get out on your own, it takes the organisation skills of a project management team to arranging babysitters, car seats, finding everything from the list of things to pack (which gets smaller as the child grows older, thankfully!).  It really is a mission.  For the sake of a couple of hours alone!

There’s a few others I could add to this list, like a tidy house and having no stretch marks, but I wouldn’t change our situation for the world.  It is fab to have a little one to teach all about the world, and hopefully raise into a kind, confident, happy adult.  To be honest, I can’t really remember what I used to do with myself before kids!

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