Guilty Mum Syndrome

I’m a working mum. Monday to Friday, 8:30-4:30. Usually. Although there are days where I’m required to work quite late to attend evening meetings, or go in super early to meet a deadline.
As well as working full time, I run this blog. I also teach a tap dance class for adults. And because that’s clearly not enough, I also rehearse for an amateur dramatics musical 3 nights a week. Then there’s the majority of the housework to do and, of course, family time.
Lately, I’ve been so busy that I’ve spent barely any time with O.  And he’s upset about it. And I feel guilty as sin.  Cue, Guilty Mum Syndrome.
The week before last,  I hadn’t been too well, laid up in bed with a fluey virus. So I hadn’t been at work. I hadn’t been at rehearsal or teaching folk to dance. I’d been at home all week suffering this virus and a bit of cabin fever. Then back to work this week and we’ve had a huge deadline at work of such short notice I ended up working 7 hours of overtime on top of my usual as well as my extra activities.
O goes to preschool every day now and spends time with his Granda 4 afternoons a week and stays at preschool a full day on Fridays. He loves preschool and the structure of lessons, being taught properly like he will be in school. But the last few weeks, he’s started to not want to get ready in the morning and saying he doesn’t want to go.
I know deep down this is because I’m not around so much and he just wants to see his mummy and daddy. Thankfully the show goes on this week so will be over soon. And I’m planning to do less on the weekends to spend more quality time with O.
It’s so hard to find a balance between work and life. But also between my life and my family life. Before O, I was busy every night of the week and had a bar job at the weekends. I’m not one to do things by halves! But things have got to change when you have kiddies.
How do you strike the right balance? Or, like me, don’t you?

11 thoughts on “Guilty Mum Syndrome

  1. I guess because I work part time I have more of a balance but I still find it hard to fit everything in – juggling housework whilst trying to play with the kids. It’s hard and I think we all get the guilts at some point x

  2. It’s like you read my mind! Like you I work full time; Monday to Friday; my son goes to nursery four days a week and a nanny once a week. To top it off, my husband goes abroad every Monday morning until Friday night for work. I have a blog that I don’t have time for, work getting more and more demanding and I’m trying to find time to exercise more (I’m so unfit it’s scary!) and still have some kind of me time so I can go do my hair and thread my eyebrows. If there is some kind of balance I hope I find it soon

    1. I think it’s important to have your me time – your hair and brow appointments aren’t every week, I imagine! It must be doubly difficult to fit in anything extra if hubby isn’t around 5 through the week too x

  3. I’m full time too, but my out of work activities (blogging, watching corrie and eating crisps) doesn’t hamper on family time. By the time I pick up Munch on weekdays it’s 6pm, which gives us an hour before bathtime. At weekends, we are glued together as a family of 3. To be honest it works like a well oiled machine and I think it makes family time that bit more special. xx

    1. I definitely need to dedicate weekends to family time. I struggle to get all the normal things done through the week though so appointments and housework is generally left til the weekend! X

  4. It’s so hard, you work so hard for your family and yourself – I *only* work 3 days and my nearly-3yo tells me, ‘no mummy, don’t go to work’ and my 18 month old chants, ‘home home home’ for our whole commute. Hope you find the balance that works right for you and yours x

    1. Thanks Caroline. It is very difficult but, like you say, I do it all for my sanity and my family. Without working, I’d be a mess and I do my out-of-work activities to keep me happy 🙂 Happy mummy equals happy family 🙂 x

  5. I think whatever you do as a Mum you feel guilty from time to time. I work part time, from home, but work a lot in the evenings and also at weekends. I always feel guilty that I never switch off and that I spend time checking emails when I am sat cuddling my girls etc. I think it is so hard to find a balance! x

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