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Recently, I wrote that I was suffering with Guilty Mum Syndrome and these last few weeks have really taken their toll on me and my relationship with O.  Poor O was getting upset that he wasn’t seeing his mummy very often, or that our time together was always rushed to sort things out before I had to dash out to other commitments.

Last week, I was part of a stage production of a musical and had to be out the door no later than 18:30 every night.  Add to this, I was at work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and had agreed to work some overtime on Thursday and Friday even though I’d booked leave.  Cue, Guilty Mum Syndrome became a priority to vanquish.

On Wednesday after work, I thought it would be fun to do some painting with O.  I had been saving toilet roll tubes in the hope that we could create some sort of homemade crafted characters with paint, goggly eyes and pipe cleaners.  O came home from preschool, and while daddy made dinner, we took to the dining table with our aprons and paints and got painting.

We first painted four toilet roll tubes in various colours, which are yet to be finished off, but I had this genius idea to paint O’s hands…

I thought, I’ll get O to do some hand prints and we’ll use them for homemade Christmas cards or thank you notes as a personal touch.  O loved it as you can imagine – what 3 year old doesn’t enjoy getting messy and doing crafts?!

My little Rudolph!  Have you ever made hand prints at home?  What did you do with them?

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