Help Spark’s Charity by donating a Baby Blanket with Dettol

Donate baby blanket to Dettol to support Sparks charity
With the help of Rachel Stevens, celebrity mum of 2 and new ambassador for the Dettol Anti-bacterial Laundry Cleanser, the Dettol Baby Blanket Donation charity campaign has been launched.  I heard about the campaign on Facebook and Twitter and just had to get involved – such a worthy cause.  So here’s the deal…

Dettol and Rachel are encouraging mums across the UK to “keep the memories, not the bacteria” by donating a blanket via Freepost to this wonderful cause.  Once collected, the baby blankets will be hygienically washed with Dettol Anti-bacterial Laundry Cleanser before being re-distributed to families in need.  Dettol Anti-bacterial Laundry Cleanser has also pledged to donate £1 for every blanket collected to Sparks, a children’s medical research charity, to raise funds for UK families with children who are affected by serious illness or disability.

The Dettol Baby Blanket Donation scheme aims to promote the dangers of bacteria on blankets and highlight the shortage of baby blankets available to infants born to disadvantaged families.

Approximately 50 babes every minute, every day, are born in to poverty experiencing conditions lacking basic essentials – including hygienically clean blankets.  Poor hygiene can contribute to illnesses such as diarrhoea, vomiting and dehydration.  Lab tests carried out on donated blankets show that the blankets can carry a variety of bacteria even after a 40ºC wash.  A third of the washed blankets harboured coliforms – a group of bacteria linked to faeces.  Not good for a newborn baby!

Rachel stevens has said, “The Dettol Baby Blanket Donation really resonated with me as a mum.  I remember bringing my girls home for the first time in theirs and what a special time that was.  Many babies across the world will never get the chance to experience the comfort of a warm, clean blanket. That’s the reason why I’m supporting the campaign, asking mums to donate blankets to those in need so that those babies don’t miss out.”

Sparks charity are delighted to be part of the campaign.  One in 30 babies in the UK is born with a condition which may affect them for life – yet, each year less than £10 per child is spent on research into children’s health.  Sparks funds pioneering research to change this.  Their medical breakthroughs and achievements improve the health of thousands of children, but this is only possible thanks to the generous support of individuals and families across the UK.  Sparks charity has funded over 270 research projects in more than 80 hospitals and universities and is dedicated to researching a wide range of medical conditions including birth asphyxiation, childhood cancers, cerebral palsy, premature birth and spin bifida.

I will be donating one of O’s baby blankets to this fabulous campaign and you can do so too by sending a blanket to:

Dettol Baby Blanket Donation
The Hay Loft
Balcombe Place Stables
RH17 6AZ
By doing this, £1 will be donated by Dettol to Sparks charity for every blanket received (up to 5,000 blankets).  Be part of the #sharethememories hashtag on twitter by sharing a photo of your little one snuggled up in one of their baby blankets.

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