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I have been kindly invited to review a Storytime Sounds app created by (NOTHS) by Mumsnet to be entered into a prize draw for a £400 NOTHS voucher…  How could I say no, right?!  But, in all seriousness, this is the type of thing we would usually go for anyway, so here goes…

Back in the summer, NOTHS launched a free iPhone app called “Storytime Sounds”.  It’s designed to bring an extra element of fun to story time for families with kids aged 3-7 years old.

Not on the High Street Storytime Sounds App review

Now, if any other kid is like O, he is obsessed with books that have integrated sound boards, stories with hidden buttons around the pages to press, you get the drift.  He loves to find the correct button to press and waits eagerly for me to get to the point in the story where he can press it!

The app has just been updated for Halloween to include some really spooky sounds, such as a Witch’s Cauldron bubbling, a Ghost howling and Bats fluttering.  The app also includes sound boards for stories about Monsters, the Lost World, Fairytales, Pirates and Space.

Not on the High Street Storytime Sounds App review

Not on the High Street Storytime Sounds App reviewNot on the High Street Storytime Sounds App review

O loves to read stories of all varieties.  The Lost World sound board really enhances the personalised Dinosaur story he got for Christmas last year with sounds of a T-Rex, Pterodactyl and Volcanoes erupting.

He also enjoys reading about Pirates, particularly Class Three All At Sea, and so the sound board has taken the story to another level allowing O’s imagination to grow even more during our reading time.

The app and sounds are of brilliant quality and, to be quite honest, I can’t believe it’s free to download from the App Store!

NOTHS also provided a Halloween tale to read alongside the sounds in the app.  It saw the tale of a young Witch, Ursula, who couldn’t be scary.  Her mum wanted to teach her how to make Witch’s Brew (cue Cauldron bubbling!), but Ursula wanted to go out and learn to be scary.  So she visited the village church where the Vampire lived, the Ghost in the graveyard, the Skeleton in the tomb and the Werewolf in the forest.

When she got home, she stood on the Cat’s tail and sent her mother off shrieking in fear!  Now that’s a scary young witch!

O loved to play with the app, testing out all the sounds and found some of them absolutely hilarious!  This is definitely a keeper and we will be using this to enhance his story time – especially of those books he’s grown a little bored of!

Not on the High Street Storytime Sounds App review

Not on the High Street Storytime Sounds App review

Disclosure:  This is an honest review of an app that is freely available, however by doing so I have been entered into a prize draw.  All opinions are my own.

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