Bonfire Night Fireworks

This year, Bonfire Night fell on a Wednesday 5th November (obviously).  O’s daddy was away with work that week and Wednesday is my weekly night that I teach a tap dancing class.  So O went to his Auntie’s house for hot dogs and fireworks with his Grandparents and cousins and thoroughly enjoyed  every minute of it!  That weekend, our local town council had arranged their annual Firework display for Saturday 8th November so we thought we would take a trip down seeing as we’d missed out on all the fun earlier in the week!

O’s Godmother, Auntie K, joined us for the fireworks fun and, to prepare for a babysitting stint later in the week, successfully carried out O’s bedtime routine.  Unfortunately, the weather was horrendous.  It would seem that on this night the heaven’s would open and buckets of torrential rain would pour from the sky.

We set off in our waterproofs and O in his wellies, and managed to park the car in a decent place.  We waited in the car, singing songs and talking to O about the surroundings, until the last possible minute and luckily the rain started to ease.  We walked as fast as O could to a viewpoint and only missed the first couple of minutes of the display.

I managed to take a few snaps of the fireworks using the camera on my Samsung Galaxy S5 – I was quite pleased with how they turned out!  O absolutely loved seeing the fireworks, although did complain at the extremely loud bangs…  He was happier if I held him and he placed his hands over his ears!  He loved to describe the fireworks using adjectives I didn’t know he had learned – “That’s hawesome, Mummy!”!

Did you get up to anything for Bonfire Night?  

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