My Christmas Excitement

So, Halloween is over along with Bonfire Night.  We had a great time getting dressed up and playing games for our Halloween Party, and A will be taking O to see the fireworks at the local display on Saturday.  And now, there’s not a lot to look forward to until Christmas!  Apart from my God-daughters 1st birthday in December of course… 

I absolutely, without a doubt, LOVE Christmas.

I love it so much, I feel the excitement bursting inside my body every time I think about it.

I spend the entirety of November and December preparing for, enjoying and longing for Christmas.

I love the atmosphere in the shops.

I love the effort people go to decorating their homes, gardens and work places.

I love the food you can buy at this time of year.

I love to make mulled wine in my slow cooker and wrap presents to send off to Santa. 

I also love being just a little bit mean (but realistic) and striking people off our Christmas card list.

But on the up side, I love to add new friends in their place.

The only thing I dislike is crossing off absent friends and family, knowing there’ll never be another Christmas quite the same without them…

I love watching the Christmas adverts on television, each department store and supermarket trying to out-do each others efforts and win the hearts, and cash, of the nation.

I especially love the Coca-Cola advert…  Holidays are coming!  Holidays are coming!

I love adding to our Christmas decorations each year.

I love putting up them up on the 1st December.

I love to add treats to our Advent Calendar.

I love to make homemade mince pies.

I love to snuggle under a blanket on the sofa watching Christmas films on cold winter days.

I love the Christmas songs playing on the radio in the car and on the music channels on television.

So yeah, I pretty much love Christmas.  But more specifically, the build up to Christmas.

I’d love to know what your favourite thing about Christmas is?

6 thoughts on “My Christmas Excitement

  1. I remember you sending me that photo last year! Look at O’s gorgeous face!! My favourite thing about Xmas? All of it!! Wish we lived closer to share the festivities! x

  2. Mince pies! Homemade are definitely the best but I’m partial to shop bought ones too!! Oh and I love the music at Christmas! And the magic in kids faces 🙂

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