Celebrating our First Christmas with UNICEF and Pampers

We all take down those special “first” moments.  The first time our newborn smiles.  The first time they sit up unaided.  The first time they crawl or bum shuffle.  The first steps.  The first tooth.  The first birthday.  The first Christmas.

Not all parents are lucky enough to share these important milestones in a new life.

In some countries, babies are at risk of contracting maternal and newborn tetanus because they do not have the funds for a vaccination.

Since 2006, Pampers and UNICEF have funded an astonishing 300,000,000 vaccines – eliminating maternal and newborn tetanus in 15 countries.  That’s an additional 5 countries since their campaign in 2013.  But there’s still another 24 of the world’s poorest countries at risk.

This blog post is really important.  Important to me and it’s amazing that you kind people take the time to read my blog.  But even more so, because you – you gorgeous person – have just made Pampers donate 3, yes THREE, vaccines to UNICEF.  By buying one pack of Pampers, one vaccine is funded.

And by watching the video below, you can help to fund a further vaccine to this campaign…

O has turned 3 this August, so we’ve been very lucky to have a lot of “firsts” with him.  But in this post, I’d like to concentrate on his first Christmas – given that it’s the first day of Advent!

How was your first Christmas with your little one?

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