Christmas Day, 2014

As we tend to live a rather 100mph lifestyle, fitting lots of activities into our day, I thought I’d write a post about Christmas Eve which you can read here, and another about Christmas Day.

Christmas morning, I couldn’t sleep.  I woke just before 6am and checked Twitter.  O wasn’t stirring but I just couldn’t contain my excitement and go back to sleep!  At 6.15am, my Mum texted me to say that her and my stepdad had set off to join us for Christmas morning.  They really meant it when they said they could be here early!  I got up, showered and dressed but O still hadn’t woken…  In an attempt to wake him without physically going into his room and prodding him awake, I opened all the doors upstairs and started to dry my hair as A took a shower.  
It didn’t work…
O’s Nana & Granda arrived, and even shutting the front door didn’t wake him.  My mum and stepdad made a brew and stayed in the living room until we were ready to go downstairs.  As I finished up drying my hair and A got out of the shower, O wandered through in a bleary-eyed state.  He hadn’t turned on his bedroom light to see his Christmas Stocking that had been filled by Santa!  He was still half asleep and not really computing that it was Christmas and that Santa had been!  A finished getting dressed and we went downstairs.  He started to open the living room door, not knowing that his Nana & Granda were sat on the sofa.  This shocked him firstly, but then seeing the huge pile of presents that Santa had left for him stopped him in his tracks.  I think it was all a little overwhelming for him!
We started to open some of his presents as he sat on Daddy’s knee, and he soon came round and wanted to open his presents for himself.  He loved the Disney Planes bike that Santa had left for him!  He couldn’t wait to take it outside, so started to ride it around the living room and kitchen instead!
He started to tear open the wrapping paper on all the gifts that had been left for him, each gift being gently thrown to one side whilst he picked up another to unwrap.  We opened our presents in among the madness too!  We were all extremely lucky with the gifts we received from each other and members of family and friends – to whom we extend our gratitude.
O was dying to get outside on his bike, so we promised that Daddy would take him out once it was light.  After all the present opening had finished, A and I got the bacon going under the grill for some sandwiches for breakfast for the grown-ups.  O wolfed down a bowl of Weetabix, even though he had said he wasn’t hungry!  After breakfast, my mum and stepdad left to go back home and start their Christmas Dinner preparations.  I took O upstairs and got him dressed into some warm clothes so that he could go out on his bike with Daddy.
O loved being out on his bike!  Look at that face beaming with happiness, joy and excitement!  He spent half an hour outside riding up and down the path outside our house and in the school car park just at the bottom of our row of houses.  I tidied up wrapping paper and put away some of our presents, as I’m sure every Mummy does on Christmas day!  Soon it was time to visit my In-Laws house for Christmas dinner.  A grand total of 16 of us were going over for Christmas lunch, and what a feast it was!  A starter of duck spring rolls with sweet chilli dressing or pate for starter, Turkey & the trimmings for Main and Strawberry Pavlova or Banoffee Pie for dessert.  Yum!  O and his cousin had melon for starter and O passed on the pudding as he wasn’t hungry!  I’m glad he didn’t just eat the pudding for eating’s sake!
The kids started to get bored after lunch, and so Grandma pulled out a couple of bags worth of extra presents that Santa had delivered to her house.  Inside were games including Connect 4, Kerplunk and Frustration to be kept at her house as both the kids spend a decent amount of time there.  These kept the children occupied for another hour, but they started to get restless and wanting to go home to play with their new toys.  Away we went home and A fell asleep on the sofa for an hour whilst O played away on the carpet.  
At 6pm, I took O up for a bath with his new bath toys and woke A up.  We had a great time splashing around in the bath with his new Disney Cars bath toys!  Although, the yellow bath fizzer I’d put in the bath didn’t dissolve properly and dyed the bath water a shade of elephant-wee yellow.  It was delightful!  Out of bed and into his pyjama’s for story time.  He received a handful of books as gifts, so we read two of these and he also asked for a third story – one of his books from his shelves.  Our usual routine is two books only, but I thought why not, it’s Christmas!!
We had no problems falling asleep as it had been such a busy day!  A and I started to get peckish so I got out our huge tray and filled it full of spanish tapas meats, a variety of cheese, crackers and chutneys.  Coupled with a Budweiser (A had Port) and Monopoly, we ended Christmas Day in the best way.

Even if A did win at Monopoly.
I hope all of my readers had a fabulous Christmas too!  I’d love to hear what you got up to.  If you have written a Christmas post, please leave a link so that I can read your story x

9 thoughts on “Christmas Day, 2014

  1. Aww! It sounds and looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!!
    Ohh and something not related I love your sofa….The colours and design! So different! 😀 x

    1. We did! I hope you did too! I love my sofas, we bought a show home and they came with the house! Bit bold for what I would have picked but I love them! Definitely my colours too x

  2. Oh your Christmas sounds perfect! O has got so big, he looks so proud on his bike! I would LOVE to spend an evening with you guys, playing board games and having a drink and a nibble. Perfect evening! x

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