Christmas Is On It’s Way!

I usually wait until the 1st December to put up our Christmas tree and decorations, but this year 1st December is a Monday.  And no-one does anything on Monday’s except start a diet.  Well, you’ll be pleased to know that I started my Christmas diet this week and I can report that mince pies, Gluhwein and chocolates are definitely working their magic!

This year, I decided to put up our decorations and Christmas tree on the 30th November.  I wanted everything to be done on a weekend, so I could spend my weeknights as I usually do – planning dance classes, watching Netflix and tweeting.  Unfortunately, O hasn’t been too well and went through phases of being crazy-hyper and crashing out on the sofa.

He did help with the deep clean and to put up the Christmas tree, decorate it with a handful of “gorgles” and lose one of the wooden Kings down the back of a radiator.

We have a real mix and match of decorations for our tree now.  Once upon a time, it was decorated in nothing but silver, ice blue and lilac.  Now, it’s all of these plus a mis-match of keepsake type decorations and ornaments that we’ve picked up along our journey.

In the photo above, you can see the Mama’s & Papa’s “My 1st Christmas 2011” red and white glass bauble, bought for us by O’s Godparents.  There’s also a white sparkly rocking horse that I bought on my trip to the city whilst Christmas shopping for O’s first Christmas.  There’s the little snowman/globe with O’s name inside.  A knitted penguin wearing a hat and scarf is the first decoration O has chosen.  There’s also a Rudolph the Reindeer card that O made at nursery last year that has found it’s way onto the tree.

This year is the first year that we’ve put up decorations outside too.  I think A was quite surprised when he got to the checkout with his purchases!  LED Christmas lights are not cheap!  But these are his efforts for our first proper Christmas in our new home.  We moved in 6 days before Christmas last year, so barely got the house looking just the way we wanted for Christmas.

This year, I’m feeling a lot more prepared.  Have you got your decorations up?  Do you go for the minimalistic and co-ordinated look?  Or more of a Santa’s-elves-threw-up-jingle-bells-all-over-my tree?

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