Our Christmas Traditions

Each family has Christmas traditions.  Whilst I was growing up, my brother and I would leave a glass of Port or Sherry out on the grate with a mince pie and a carrot for Santa and his reindeer.  As we got older, this tradition stopped which made me sad.  We didn’t really replace this with anything either – Christmas Eve was exciting but not magical anymore…  My parents split up and so the afternoon of Christmas Eve was spent at my Dad’s for tea before going home to Mum.  A broken Christmas.

Now I have my own little family, I have started to set off some Christmas traditions of my own.  It’s my mission to make Christmas as exciting and magical as I possibly can for O.  We still tend to visit my Dad on Christmas Eve, although I’m still waiting confirmation of whether this is planned this year.  We’ll also visit my Grandparents this year as my Uncle and Auntie are staying up North for Christmas and so Nana A is putting on a traditional buffet with sandwiches and sherry trifle!

The evening starts with a new pair of pyjamas wrapped up for O to open, get him bathed and changed into his new PJ’s before settling down for the night.  We’ll curl up on the sofa whilst the wine mulls in the slow cooker and watch a Christmas movie (if we have time!) with some snacks and get all excited for the big day!

As I did as a child, O leaves a plate of mince pie and carrots in the living room with a glass of Santa’s favourite tipple.  I’m sure Santa will need to keep his energy up whilst visiting so many houses in one night, although I’m not overly sure of him being in control of a load of reindeer and a sleigh whilst under the influence!

We open the door and leave a special key for Santa on the handle so that he can deliver our presents without ringing the bell and waking us all up!  I know he’d usually use the chimney, but our house doesn’t have one…

Off he totters to bed with his empty Stocking in hand and we’ll read a couple of stories before going to sleep.  Once he’s drifted off, A and I enjoy our mulled wine whilst wondering if Santa will appear!

On Christmas morning, we all get up, and open our stockings that Santa has left on the end of our beds.  We then get showered and dressed before making our way downstairs.  This is different to how myself and A remember spending Christmas morning.  I might be a spoilsport by refusing the rush downstairs to see if Santa has been, but as we often need to be out the door by midday to get to another house for dinner, it’s a must-do!  We’d never be ready in time otherwise!

And the rest is up to Santa!  I’d love to know what your Christmas traditions are?

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