Our Family Christmas Eve, 2014

Christmas Eve was a busy day in the Mental Parentals household!  I’m used to being so organised, but since increasing my working hours to full time in February I don’t seem to have a spare minute!  I had arranged an appointment at the beauty salon for 8.45am, so after submitting my Next VIP order (priorities ;o)) I trotted off to town.  After some seriously painful waxing, I made a trip into the shops to pick up a couple more stocking fillers for A.  I bought a beautiful new green dress from Peacocks to wear on Christmas Day too!

As I returned home, A was getting O into the car to take him to the cinema.  They were off to see the Penguins of Madagascar film!  I would’ve loved to go with them, but unfortunately Santa doesn’t come to untidy houses so I had to stay home and make sure our home was nice and clean!

O ran through the front door when they returned, after having a great time at the cinema!  He said that his cousin, L (4) and Uncle N had also been to watch the penguins – he loves them both so much!  A was acting rather suspiciously and disappeared upstairs…  Shouting down that we weren’t allowed to go up!  I thought this was really odd, but kept O occupied with his toys until A re-appeared.  He coaxed O to the living room door and gave him a gift to give to me!  Explains the suspicious behaviour!

I opened my gift, wrapped in Frozen Christmas paper, and found the best Christmas present ever.  I’d wanted a new one of these for a few months but hadn’t said anything!  A must’ve read my mind!

He said that I should receive it today as it needed to charge before using it on Christmas Day!  I actually started to cry when I opened it, as I wasn’t expecting anything like this!  Happy tears!  I put the camera on charge before setting off out for the afternoon – we needed to drop off something at my Dad’s, pick up O’s baby walker that I had leant to a friend and finally to my Nana’s for a Christmas buffet!

It was so lovely to see relatives at my Nana’s house that we hadn’t seen in ages.  Although O was very overwhelmed as there was so many people!  He sat and ate his tea on the sofa nicely next to me and made a couple of lovely Christmas pictures with some stickers that the elves had left for him.  Before we knew it, it was 5:30pm and time to set off home!

O did really well to stay awake in the car on the journey home – I think it helped that he was sat in the passenger seat and I was in the back like the Queen!  We walked in through the front door and O found a chocolate coin by the living room door…  He then spotted another coming in the living room, and another, and another! A chocolate coin trail!  They led him into the kitchen where Santa’s elves had visited and left him a card and present!  He asked if he could open it, bless him, and was so chuffed to find a pair of new Spiderman pyjamas for bedtime!  The card wasn’t as important to him, so I opened it and showed him the magical Reindeer food that was inside!

We went to the front door and sprinkled the food outside, hung the magic key on the door handle for Santa and laid out a mince pie for him with a carrot for Rudolph.  We asked O what kind of drink he wanted to leave out, and he said that Santa would like some juice like he has so we poured out some mixed berries juice into a mug for Santa.  O loved doing all of this, the excitement beamed from the huge smile on his face!

Off we went upstairs, with empty stocking in hand, to get ready for bed.  I always read two stories to O at bedtime.  One of our stories was one that the majority of parents will read to their children on Christmas Eve; T’Was the Night Before Christmas.  A fantastic traditional story to get the children excited for the following day!  We also read What the Ladybird Heard, by Julia Donaldson, as O had chosen this one.  It was always a keen favourite when he was a younger, but we haven’t read it much lately!  I laid with him in the dark and sang two of his favourite songs and he was fast asleep before I left the room.  A busy day for all of us had us all exhausted!  
Now, we were to wait and see if Santa would arrive…

4 thoughts on “Our Family Christmas Eve, 2014

  1. Oh I love your Christmas eve! You all had such a lovely day and we are very much like you – Santa doesn’t come to untidy houses so we clean over the couple of days before and change all the bedsheets! x

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