Photo Gallery: Week 211 – Babies

I’ve been looking for some linky’s to join in on to get my creative juices flowing, and +Tara Cain over at the Sticky Fingers blog suggested I might like to join in The Photo Gallery.

So this week’s theme is Babies.

Rather than take a photo this week, I’ve cheated a little bit.  It’s my first week taking part so I think you can let me off with this one…  I don’t have a fancy camera, and rely on the camera on my Samsung Galaxy S5 to take my photo’s.  So this week, I’ve chosen a picture that I’d taken when O was a baby.

This is my baby at 9 days old.
After the birth in the hospital, we stayed in a couple of nights.  We came home to a house we’d only moved into a week before, boxes everywhere.  Our life then was utter mayhem and getting to grips with being new parents was difficult enough.  Then there was learning to breastfeed.  And change nappies.  And bath a newborn who couldn’t hold up his own head, never mind a bar of soap.  This was a crazy time in our lives, and I wonder if this was why I suffered with PND for some time afterwards.
But in amongst all that craziness and upside-down living, there was this little man.  This tiny little baby, with horrendous Jaundice as he looks like he’s spent 9 months in Ibiza, who hasn’t a care in the world and loves his Mummy and Daddy so much without even realising it.  I’d like to call this photo:
The Thinker

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