Who Brings the Christmas Presents to Your House?

Santa Clause?  Father Christmas?  Kris Kringle?  Saint Nicholas?

In our house, Santa visits on Christmas Eve with his Reindeer.  We prepare for his visit by putting out a small tot of whiskey or port and a mince pie for his snack, and leave a couple of carrots for Rudolph and the other reindeer.
Throughout December, we receive gifts from loved ones through the post and during visits; many of which O is aware of.  He attended his pre-school Christmas party at the weekend at which all the children received a present from the staff.  He had such a great time and couldn’t wait to tell me all about the party!  But at the forefront of his mind was this present…
“Mummy, can I open it?”
“Mummy, I want to open my present!”
“Mummy, PLEEEEEEASE can I open my present?!”
And such pleas continued on the journey home…  To prevent my ears from bleeding and discourage the constant pleading, I said…
“O, Mummy has to send it away to Santa to bring on Christmas Eve.  He will decide if you’ve been a good boy and deserve the presents, or if you’ve been naughty and give them to other boys and girls.”
Well, that was it!  He agreed that it was the right thing to do and that Santa would be sure to bring him his presents at Christmas because he’s a good, big boy.  Phew!
Along with presents from friends and family, we also send the presents we’ve bought for O to Santa.  We buy a number of small to medium sized gifts sent with lots of love from Mummy and Daddy.  And every year so far, Santa has gifted O with one large present and a stocking full of surprises from Mr Clause himself.
I label the presents as those from us as I want O to know that we haven’t forgotten about him, but also that when he is older he will appreciate the gifts that have been given through our hard work to afford them. If I’m being honest, times will be so much easier when he’s older and I could just go on UnrankedSmurfs.com to get him a present, or something else online depending on what he’s in to.
Who delivers the gifts in your house?

4 thoughts on “Who Brings the Christmas Presents to Your House?

  1. We do pretty much the same in our house. No presents under the tree before Christmas because we have to send them to Santa! Alans family always put “love Santa” on their gifts which I think is nice but we do a mixture like you guys x

  2. We’re a little different in that presents from friends and family go under the tree as we get them and Santa delivers everything from ‘us’ x

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