Bloggers Weekend Away in Manchester!

For nearly 3 years, I have communicated with a handful of awesome ladies.  The main connection, and why we started talking on Twitter in the first instance, is that we all have children born within a few weeks of each other.  We started to tweet more and more regularly, and moved to Whatsapp around the time I got married in September 2012.  Since then, I have made some awesome friends – those that I would consider Friends for Life.

We arranged a weekend together in Manchester a few months ago and so here it was!  Donna and Mummy Muncher arrived at the Airport last Friday morning and I managed to get there in time to pick them up.  We have met up a couple of times in person before, but never as a group – so this was pretty crazy but awesome at the same time!  I apologised for the state of my car, having had no time to clean it out properly, and we set off into the city centre to find The Place Aparthotel.  Luckily, we could check in early as our room was ready so we chucked our bags into the apartment and set off into Manchester for some lunch and to get some groceries for breakfast and drinks in the apartment.

We ventured to TGI Friday’s as neither Donna or I had been before – something that Mummy Muncher scoffed at!  I loved the place as soon as we walked in, we sat in a booth and ordered some fancy drinks and a light lunch.  I was really impressed with the place and vow to return!

TGI Fridays, Manchester City Centre

After Mummy Muncher swiftly hid her Scottish cash underneath ours, we made a swift exit and up to Tesco Metro for the essentials…  Wine, bacon, bread rolls, butter, fresh juice, tea, crisps and doughnuts. Oh, and wine.  We trailed it back to the apartment, unpacked and enjoyed a crack and a brew before tarting ourselves up for an early night to Zizzi’s and Wetherspoons!  Us blogger birds are classy! ;o)

Manchester Blogger Selfie

A messy night of pasta, chocolate fondant, Woo Woo and Blue Lagoon cocktails in pitchers led to us being in our pyjamas at ‘home’ by 8:30pm, drinking tea/water and having a right good natter…  Living life in the fast lane!

Typical Bloggers
Typical Bloggers!

After a rough nights’ sleep sharing a bed with Donna (Mummy Muncher was in quarantine with the dreaded lurgy), I woke at 5:30am after around 6 hours very broken sleep…  Donna will be glad to know that she doesn’t snore!  We all eventually got up and I was put in charge of making cups of tea and bacon sandwiches.  The kitchen facilities in the apartment were really quite good, but I seriously missed having a grill pan for bacon!  Fried bacon is just not the same!  We got showered and changed and off we went to the Spa Naturel at the Mercure Norton Grange Hotel, Rochdale.  Not before I had a panic attack thinking that my car had been stolen!  It hadn’t – I was looking on the wrong floor of the car park… d’oh!

Spa Day Manchester

The idea of relaxing in a lovely spa all day was one that we were all looking forward to, although it didn’t really live up to our expectations.  But, you get what you pay for.  And we didn’t pay a lot.  There were a number of disappointments, but the aim to relax and enjoy a day together remained and we managed to see this through.  We did have a throughly good time in the jacuzzi, sauna and the loungers by the pool were super comfy!  We left feeling a lot more relaxed than earlier that morning…

Blogger Weekend Away Selfie

We got back to the apartment, made dinner and proceeded to drink wine and watch/listen to Youtube videos of music from our youth…  This was really fun – there was some excellent tunes playing whilst we had a good crack and told Twitter how much fun we were having!  Needless to say we all felt so relaxed and, after a rubbish first night’s sleep, we were all tucked up in bed by 10:30pm!  Rock ‘n’ roll!  But the next morning, I felt so much better for it.

Before we knew it, it was time to check out and go home…  I drove the ladies back to the airport and set off back to Cumbria.  I can’t wait to see these beauties again in June at Britmums Live – roll on Summer time!  I did get some sleepy O snuggles when I got home though; I missed him loads!

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  1. Ahhh this sounds like such a fun weekend!! I’m hoping to have a blogger meet up at some point this year and this has made me want to do it even more 🙂 Isn’t it awesome how this fantastic blogging community can lead to you having some actual real-life friends?! Love it! xx

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