Holidays are over…

The Christmas break is now over and, although I wasn’t ready to return to work, O was very ready to get back to Pre-School.  Working full time means that I don’t get to spend as much time as I would like with my son.  So two full weeks off at home over the Christmas break was going to be a sheer delight!  Or so I thought…
Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love my little man. I love him to the moon and back.  I wouldn’t change anything at all. 
But, Maaaan, kids are hard work aren’t they?! 
Towards the end of the two week break, O’s good behaviour had dwindled.  I know this is mainly due to the boredom of non-structure.  Also, having just received so many amazing toys and not knowing what to play with first!  He demanded chocolate for breakfast every day, even though Advent had finished ages ago, and when that was declined asked for a “snacky” breakfast.  By this, he meant crisps and grapes, with a side of chocolate.  He is a child after my own heart, but this is not something I could agree to!
O loves it at pre-school.  Although he wouldn’t have you believe that in the morning’s when he needs to get dressed and instead runs from bedroom to bedroom, hiding under duvets and behind curtains, to dodge the inevitable costume change. 
He loves the structure of school.  Knowing that he’ll be given a lovely homecooked lunch packed with fruit and vegetables.  He knows that there’s a snack of homemade biscuit and milk in the morning and another snack time for fruit in the afternoon.  He will be kept busy and occupied doing different activities each day, whether that be learning about the letter ‘S’ or the colour Brown, painting a picture or bombing about outside.

Although I’m sad to be back at work, not spending all my time with my little family, I’m happy that O is back to being his normal self.  The polite, well-mannered (mostly) 3 year old full of energy and happiness that knows no boundaries. 

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