Mummy, it was just an accident.

We tackled potty-training in February 2014 with O, aged 2 and a half years.  He used to complain about wearing nappies saying how they were for babies and not big boys.  It took a couple of days of loading him up with juice and getting him to the potty or toilet in time.  O seemed to master the art of using the toilet within a few days and life was peachy.  Although he wasn’t staying dry during the night, I wasn’t worried as I knew he would get to that stage when he was ready.

Aged 3, O drinks quite a lot of juice and water through the day but started to stay dry a few weeks ago.  At the time, he was full of an awful cold and had contracted an ear infection so was taking antibiotics.  He had been dry at night for a few days and he asked me if he could stop wearing nappies to bed.  I promised him that when he was feeling better, I would let him stop wearing them.  This gave me chance to order some bed mats to add further mattress protection to the waterproof mattress cover we already use!  When they were delivered, and O was feeling better, we binned off the Pull-ups and got a couple of bed mats put on his bed; one under the sheet and one on top.

He loves that he doesn’t have to wear nappies “like a baby” anymore.  I suppose he feels all grown up, knowing that he goes to bed wearing the same things as his Mummy and Daddy.  The first week was excellent and no accidents occurred!

O does have accidents every few days.  Only once has it been before midnight, usually happening around 5:30-6:00am.  If he’s still in a deep sleep, he’ll start a whimpering-cry and it takes ages to sort out as he’s very uncooperative when in such a sleepy state!  The majority of accidents happen early morning where he’s almost ready to wake up anyway, so that’s us up for the day.

A couple of days ago, he must have had an accident at around 6am and woken himself up in wet pyjamas and damp bedsheets.  I say this as he didn’t wake us up in his usual way.  At around 6:30am, I woke up to find him playing on the bathroom floor with his bath toys – some new Disney Cars that his Grandma had bought him for Christmas.  I thought nothing of it and brought him through into our room.  It wasn’t until a couple of hours later that we went to get dressed that I suddenly realised that he was wearing a pair of mismatched pyjamas.  This isn’t something that unusual, but I know that he went to bed wearing a pair of new Spiderman pyjama’s.

As the mystery started to unravel, I found O’s Spiderman pyjama bottoms on the floor with his Gruffalo bear next to his bed and the bed may from on top of the sheets in the bin in the corner of his bedroom.  I asked him if he’d had a wee in bed and he said “Mummy, it was just an accident”.

Bless his little heart, he didn’t tell us.  I’m not sure why, as we never make a big deal of it; accidents happen, it’s all part of his development.  I just hope that he continues to tell us if he’s had an accident in the future – I hate to think that he would hide things from us or that he thought we would disapprove.  I don’t think I am, and certainly don’t want to be, a disapproving parent.

6 thoughts on “Mummy, it was just an accident.

  1. Arwwwwww bless O! He’s obviously very conscious of what he’s done. Could you take him for a wee before you go to bed? I use to do that with Lewis, about 10/10.30 I’d ever so slightly disturb him, take him to the loo for a wee and take him back to bed. It solved our bed wetting issues and made Lewis feel better – better still he never remembered me waking him up either!

  2. Oh how cute! To be honest, I think it was probably just him trying to be grown up, clearing up by himself etc rather than hiding it from you. LP still wears nappies to bed with no sign of dry nights yet x

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