The Lake District Coast Aquarium

Before our little family returned to normality after the Christmas break, we took a trip to the Lake District Coast Aquarium.  It was our last full day together as a family and we wanted to spend it doing something fun!  The Aquarium is based on the Harbourside in Maryport, Cumbria and showcases a variety of marine life found around the Cumbrian coastline, as well as a Tropical Marine tank!

O loves visiting aquariums – he finds them really interesting, enjoys learning about the different animals that live in the sea and loves to watch the fish swimming around in a tank.  We were able to book our tickets online and when we arrived, the Receptionist gave us each a packet of cards with pictures of different fish and sea creatures to find on our way around the Aquarium.  O was a bit nervous at first as it was quite dark inside, but he soon forgot about that and ran from tank to tank requesting Daddy tell him what was inside and if he could be lifted up to see!

O had Jellyfish on his cards (you can see him studying them on the photo above!) so he was chuffed when he found them.  There was also a tiny orb that housed baby jellyfish – they were “so cute” as O said.

The Lake District Coast Aquarium also has a large tidal tank where a build up of water is sent crashing down in a huge wave.  You can hear this before you see it, and O’s ears certainly pricked up!   You do need to be careful you don’t get sprayed!

Just around the corner, there was an interactive area where children (or adults) could touch the creatures in the Rock pools and also the Rays in the Ray pool.  I attempted to touch a Ray, but totally chickened out as soon as the tip of my finger touched the water!!  O didn’t want to touch any of them, which was fine so we didn’t push him.

The Ray pool had a fantastic bridge that you could see through and walked you over the huge pool – O loved this and spent a good while going up one side, across the middle and down the other (repeatedly!).

As we were coming to the end of the fantastic displays, we came across an abandoned Pirate Ship!  Wow.  This is pretty amazing.  I don’t think my photos do it justice, but I tried!  Inside the Pirate ship were tanks with an Octopus, Cod fish and a whole load of creepy looking creatures that I just can’t remember the names of.  But it was really cool!

We had a fabulous morning at the Aquarium, and O loved seeing the fish so much!  Ironically, we ended up at the Fish and Chip shop for lunch… and that was very nice too!

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    1. It’s great isn’t it? It’s been extended since this review too – great attraction for people of all ages!

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