Valentines Day Cake Gifts – Baker Days Review & Giveaway

Everyone loves cake, right?  Here at Mental Parentals, we love cake.  It can be eaten with tea, coffee, juice for the littlies, or left for dessert after a main meal.  What’s not to like?!    So when Baker Days asked us to review a Valentines Day cake, I couldn’t pass it up…  I’d be surprised if ANY of my readers didn’t love cake…

Baker Days are a UK bakery specialising in a variety of cakes, including cupcakes, delivered to your door.  Their website is really easy to use, with an extensive list of occasions within the sidebar, including Valentines Cakes.  They come in a variety of sizes, but the Letterbox cake is a perfect option.

Baker Days Valentines Day Letterbox CakeI received my cake through the letterbox, surprise surprise, but this was something I think is really clever.  Many people work full time, like us, and aren’t home through the day to accept deliveries.  Although, I think my Valentines Day order may have been mistaken for a Birthday, given the card, candles and balloons that were sent alongside the cake.  If this were a Birthday cake, they would have been perfect, but it did seem a little odd.  As listed on the website, the Valentines Day cakes should come with a packet of Lovehearts and an appropriate card.

Baker Days Valentines Day Letterbox Cake gift

Upon opening the cake tin, there is a paper tab that is used to lift the cake from the tin without causing any damage.  The cake is wrapped in a cellophane pack that is easily removed.

Baker Days Valentines Day Letterbox Cake gift

The design printed onto the fondant icing is of great quality, and crimped to the edge of the board to ensure the body of the cake stays fresh.  This particular design can be personalised by adding your loved ones name; a lovely option available on the Baker Days website.

Baker Days Valentines Day Letterbox Cake gift

The cakes are available in a variety of flavours, including Gluten Wheat free and Dairy Free options.  We loved the chocolate cake and it was still moist after a couple of days.  O was the first to try a slice and, after he’d finished, he asked for some more – a testament to the yumminess of these cakes!

If you’d like a chance to win a Baker Days Letterbox Cake, please complete the Rafflecopter below!

The winner will be chosen at random from the valid entries.  UK Entrants only.  Giveaway ends 8th February 2015.

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54 thoughts on “Valentines Day Cake Gifts – Baker Days Review & Giveaway

  1. My husband sometimes writes what he loves about me in his cards. That’s better than any present.

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  3. I love flowers and rarely receive them so they are always welcome and make me smile!

  4. A card, really nice words! Plus he’s usually terrible at remembering to even buy me a card.. now he doesn’t bother.

  5. I love flowers of all varieties and scents, and a bouquet is my preferred present.

  6. My favourite present that my husband buys me every year is a beautiful bouquet of my favourite roses 🙂 xx

  7. We dont have much spare money for Valentines day and pressies so instead we write each other a letter and get a takeaway and have a cosy night in

  8. My favourite Valentines Present is that i have received is the love from my husband

  9. my fella isnt one for showing his feelings but every valentines he writes me a little poem !! 🙂
    great giveaway and blog xx

  10. My hubby then boyfriend whisked me off for a romantic weekend in a gorgeous hotel in Cornwall. 😀

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