How Does a 3 Year Old “Help” with the Household Chores?

O is at a stage in his development where he has most definitely become a Threenager.  Although, he is becoming a little more flexible as he grows older and loves to help out with the household chores.  I think it helps him to feel independent and as if he’s a grown up too!

As O’s Daddy and I both work full-time, we tend to do the majority of our housework at the weekend.  Through the week, we’ll occasionally put a load of washing in to the machine, cook meals and load the dishwasher every day.  The weekends are for the bigger, weekly jobs like changing bed sheets, cleaning toilets and vacuuming the floors!

As I’m carrying an empty basket upstairs to retrieve a pile of washing, O will ask if he can help.  Of course, I say yes – every child should learn how to divide laundry up into appropriate wash cycles, darks, brights and lights!  He totters up the stairs and loves sorting out the laundry pile.

He absolutely loves to cram the load into the Panasonic washing machine, shut the door tight and open the drawer for me to put in the washing powder and fabric conditioner.  I’ve even managed to get him to shut the drawer slowly so that the conditioner doesn’t splash everywhere!  He presses the buttons as I tell him to and sets it going on the correct cycle at the right temperature.  He is already learning to be an amazing house-husband!

Washing Machines

He does attempt to help hang out the washing, but doesn’t quite get that you can’t just put stuff on the maiden as it comes out the basket…  Creases a-plenty!  I do let him do as he pleases, then go back and fix it once he’s lost interest!

What household chores does your little one love to help with?  And is it really “helping”?

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