School Children Road Casualties Caused by Parents?

This week, in our local news, it has been reported that a young child was hit by a car outside school.  In this particular instance, a child was leaving primary school, walking out of the school gates and up the footway, to then have to cross over the road to get home.  The problem here is that there are so many cars parked on the restrictions, the child sees no other choice than to cross the road from between two parked cars.  The story unfolds as the child enters the road, neither they nor the driver see each other and they collide.

I leave you to think of that image for a moment.  Just let that sink in.  The collision.  The affect thereafter.  The potential injuries.

School Keep Clear Markings
Photo Credit : – Safer Parking

The roads outside almost every school are covered in parking restrictions that prohibit vehicles from stopping there at school times.  No parking, no quickly picking up, nothing.  So why do parents think it’s acceptable to break the law and continuously park illegally on these restrictions?  These restrictions that have been implemented by the local Councils to help protect their children’s safety?

“It’s ok, I’ll only be 5 minutes,” thinks one parent.

“Well, everyone else is parking there so why can’t I?” thinks a second.

“There’s no Traffic Wardens around, so I won’t get caught…” thinks a third.

Because the extra 2 minutes walk from the parking area around the corner means that you’re late for work; it’s not an excuse.  If the baby is hungry and won’t stop crying; it’s not an excuse.  The 3 year old wouldn’t put on their shoes and coat, and proceeded to remove every item from your handbag whilst you were trying to get the family out and into the car; it’s not an excuse.

There is no excuse for ignoring School parking restrictions.  There is just no excuse.  Period.  Zilch.  Nada.  Nope.  Nothing.

In 2013, 6,396 pedestrians aged between 0-16 years were involved in road accidents.  More specifically, 2,899 of the 6,396 occurred during school muster times.  That amounts to 45% – a scarily high statistic.  This is a number which must reduce.

When will parents/guardians begin to see the bigger picture?  The “It’s ok, I’ll only be 5 minutes” mind frame would not be adopted by ‘just you’, one single individual.  It is adopted by many.  It is no longer just one vehicle parked on the restrictions.  It is twenty.  Twenty vehicles that are illegally parked along a stretch of School Keep Clear markings and within the Urban Clearway whose drivers have chosen to put their, and others’, children at an increased risk.

I don’t believe that parents would do this intentionally.  What parent, in their right mind, would intentionally increase the risk of serious injury – or even fatality – to their children?  None.  But without obeying these restrictions, our children are continually being put at risk by their own parents.

It is time to acknowledge that there is no reasoning and no justification for this law-breaking activity that occurs every single day, outside every single school.  How many children need to be  killed or seriously injured before our mindset changes?  What are we waiting for?

35 thoughts on “School Children Road Casualties Caused by Parents?

  1. This year a family walking along the road to school in the dark was hit by a young driver speeding along the road. An 8 year old boy lost his life. It does good to highlight the problems and try and get them sorted before a bad accident happens ..

  2. I can’t understand how they can justify doing it. Happens at our school all the time. I won’t have anything to do with anyone that I know who does it. How would they feel if they caused a death or an injury? How would they face the victim (if they survived) or the family in the playground? How would their child feel? The school reminds parents all the time and they still ignore it. Tosspots!

    1. Word. Definitely agree with all of your comments!!!! Like I say, some must be so blinkered not to see the bigger picture.

  3. I have to say I have never thought about this before simply because my children do not attend school. It is a really important issue so thanks for bringing it up. Hopefully people will read this and change their ways.

  4. This is such a good post. I don’t think any parent thinks, they just park. I would NEVER park on those markings but I know plenty do. I think if people read this post it’ll change their way of thinking – I’ll share it on my next week’s #littleloves x

  5. Fabulous post! It’s so true, they are there for the kids safety and they are overlooked daily. Many of the private schools up here have a drop off lane, which overspills onto the road. People just don’t want to wait the extra few minutes for their turn in the queue. They clearly don’t comprehend the danger.

  6. Great post!! It still shocks me where easy access can over look child’s safety. It is something that should be stopped. The fact is people will find easy justifications until they hit someone or one of their children are hit. I don’t know if it will ever stop danger is only ever realised when it is in plain sight I wish it was different because a few minutes of ‘discomfort’ could save lives.
    Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky

    1. Agreed. I’ve found that things only change (albeit, briefly) when something happens at that particular site. But people forget.

  7. As a school teacher in a primary school I can completely agree with you that this is a very real problem and cause for concern. Thanks for highlighting it and for linking up #bigfatlinky

  8. Love this post and completely agree. We are lucky at our school. It’s at the end of a cul-de-sac and set a little way back, the road changes and there are posts around the school and nearby houses and the area around the school is only suitable for single traffic. It’s hard to explain and I don’t want to post a picture for obvious reasons but it works really well. My bugbear at our school is that so many parents use the EYFS car park which is also reserved for disabled badge holders and we often can’t get in there ourselves.

    1. Some schools have been built to accommodate the extra traffic, but unfortunately there are few and far between! Abuse of the Disabled parking bays is something else that gets my goat!

  9. I hate the school run because of bad parking etc. it is worse that half the kids who are driven could very easily walk, cycle or bus in. It seems that parents completely lose any reasoning at that time of day. I actually wrote (see rant) a post on the Huffington Post UK about just that.

    To know that so many people are hurt because of these poor parker’s and selfish parents makes me even more angry.

    1. There really isn’t any excuse. Thanks for reading, and I’ll try to find your post on the Huffington post!

  10. I can honestly say that I have never, not even for 1 minute, stopped on those school markings, and I would also never park across someone’s driveway and leave my car which is something else that happens a lot by our school. I doubt anyone would own up that they do though. My brother once challenged a man who pulled up on the markings to drop his child off, and was aggressively attacked verbally – so much so that the police had to be called! It is scary how so many parents don’t think of the potential accidents 🙁

  11. It’s the same at schools near us – I wonder how many think that by parking illegally they’re endangering their own kids. But I know there’s really limited parking in surrounding streets too which doesn’t help.

    1. Probably none, Cathy. It is difficult to park near to many schools and I can symapthise with that. But it’s still no excuse. Get there early!

  12. This makes me so cross. Although my children don’t go to school, there is a school at the bottom of our road and we avoid going out at school opening and closing time because people are just dangerous with how they drive and park. The police are there regularly as a deterrent too.

    1. Unfortunately, the Police are extremely stretched at the moment and we shouldn’t have to rely on them to achieve safety around our Schools.

  13. Oh this drives me mad! We live behind a very big high school and there are double yellows all along our road as it is quite narrow, and lined with trees. Two cars can fit side by side but you have to drive really slowly and often pull over for the other car to fit. So when parents of pupils at this school scream round the corner (to jump the traffic lights, or because they’re running late) and park wherever they like it is so dangerous. As a parent of school children I always prefer to walk a little further than to park dangerously or block residents driveways. I wish others were the same! x

    1. Parking is such an emotive subject!! Yes, I am the same. When O does go to school next year, we will walk as the school is a stones throw away from our front door.

  14. This is something that angers me, too. Some people seem to forget all the rules of the road at school time, parking on those lines, on corners, across driveways and flying up the kerbs. I do drive to school but park a little distance away, safely, and then walk. We actually had a text from our school last week asking that the driver of a certain make & model car take more care as they nearly hit a little girl. Very scary & I really hope that driver is mortified and learns a lesson. Great post.

  15. Great post. We have issues at our primary school, not with parents parking up outside the school so much, but at a busy t-junction where lots of parents and kids cross. There was a yellow line put there a while ago, which improved things, but a pelican crossing wasn’t allowed as nearby homeowners complained of the distraction of the flashing yellow lights!

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