My First… Feature

I’ve been writing the Mental Parentals blog consistently for a few months now, and thought it about time that I start my first feature.

My First... Feature

My First… feature is somewhere that I plan to write about my first experiences and where I hope that others will join me by sharing some of their stories. The topics available to write about are vast and wide, whether an article is surrounding my first Christmas as a family of 3, my first family holiday or my child’s first words!  There are so many options!

I am looking to run this feature on my blog every other Thursday. If you would like to take part, please email me at with a brief summary of your story and we can take it from there! I am looking to start publishing these stories on Thursday 5th March, so there’s plenty of time to get a thinking cap on and get writing!

Feel free to tweet me, or catch me on Facebook, Instagram or Google+!  Or fill in the contact form below!

15 thoughts on “My First… Feature

  1. Hi, I haven’t got anything at the moment but wanted to let you know about my Month of Firsts linky that you might (or others writing in your feature) might want to link their posts to – it’s basically any firsts that have happened the prior month and goes live 1st of each month. January’s is up now on Bubbablue and me.

    Good luck with your feature

    1. Thanks Emma. I would love you to take part if you could – the idea is not necessarily things that have happened this month, but any first experience. I will bear in mind your linky though if I have any applicable posts! Thanks x

  2. Ooo I’d love this! Drop me a dm on twitter to remind me as my memory is terrible these days. But would love to join in.

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