Meal Planning Monday – 02/02/2015

Last week, I didn’t stick to the meal plan too well…  I forgot my lunch for work on Tuesday, which meant I ended up buying a baguette and cake from the local Deli.  The baguette was huge so I saved half for Wednesday’s lunch too – at least the calorie content was halved, sort of!  Meal planning only works if you stick to it!!

A has done really well during his time in London, managing to make good choices whilst eating out each day and even found a gym he could attend on a pay-as-you-go basis!  We visited Manchester yesterday (Sunday) and went to James Martin’s restaurant for Sunday dinner which was yummy!

This week, I’m planning on trying some new recipes we haven’t made before.  This is partly to keep our meal planning fresh and interesting, but also to prevent us getting bored of eating the same things each week and then binging on a takeaway…  Although, I would love a takeaway!  A is out again on Thursday night so there’s just O and I to cater for then but the remainder of the week should be as normal.  It’s also A’s birthday on Sunday so I’ll be making a slap up tea for us then!  So here’s our plan for next week…

Day Breakfast Dinner Tea Snacks
Mon Away Away Beef Stroganoff with Rice 1 Piece of Fruit & Nuts
Tue Bacon, Poached Egg and Mushrooms Homemade Soup and Danio yogurt Lemon Chicken with Pak Choi 1 Piece of Fruit & Nuts
Wed Porridge with Pecans, Banana and Honey Leftover Lemon Chicken with Rice Chilli & Ginger Chicken Noodles 1 Piece of Fruit & Nuts
Thu Bacon Poached Egg and Mushrooms Leftover Chilli & Ginger Noodles Leftover Beef Stroganoff 1 Piece of Fruit & Nuts
Fri Porridge with frozen Raspberries Homemade Soup and Danio yogurt Pasta Bolognese 1 Piece of Fruit & Nuts
Sat Soft Boiled Eggs and Soldiers (1 slice) Stuffed Peppers with Mushrooms, Feta & Hazelnuts Chilli Steak Salad 1 Piece of Fruit & Nuts
Sun Bacon Sandwich Homemade Soup Sunday Roast Dinner 1 Piece of Fruit & Nuts

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4 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday – 02/02/2015

  1. love the fact you include your breakfast and lunch. These are so often overlooked and so important to help you achieve your mealplan.

    Nice ideas for your meals too!

    1. Thanks Jo! I think breakfast and lunch are really important to plan too. Then we don’t end up with lots of waste!

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